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Environmental Analyst
Ref No.: 18-06013
Location: Everett, Washington
Start Date: 08/27/2018
Position Required: Environmental Analyst
Estimated time needed: 60 – 90 Days
Brief Job Description:
  • Perform monthly and quarterly inspections, calibrations and sampling of waste water and storm water systems. Prepare samples for shipment to lab. Create quarterly reports for waste water and storm water systems.
  • Interprets and applies existing policies, contracts, and regulations. Conducts inspections at all facilities, documents compliance requirements, and initiates corrective action plans.
  • Oversees operation and maintenance of pollution controls and pretreatment systems. Reviews equipment, technology and monitoring reports to identify operating trends and recommends appropriate upgrades or modifications for control systems and monitoring systems.
  • Prepares written reports to document compliance with permits and regulatory directives. Prepares, reviews and submits monitoring and status reports for discharges, remedial activities, and pollution control systems to demonstrate compliance with regulations.
Qualifications and experience REQUIRED
  1. Associates Degree
  2. Three years of increasingly responsible experience overseeing environmental compliance program.
  3. Demonstrated competency in interpreting and applying environmental regulations.
  4. Valid Washington State driver's license.
Projects and functions to be performed:
Waster Water system sampling and reporting.
Storm Water system sampling and reporting.
Environmental compliance.
Facility inspections

Report Location:   MC Administration Building    
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