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Legal Assistant
Ref No.: 18-05796
Location: El Paso, Texas
Start Date: 08/20/2018
Order # RFQ1319375
Job Title Legal Assistant
Number of resumes 5 resumes each
Resume Due 08/27/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title Legal Assistant
Client Department of Justice
Place of Performance (Number of Candidates)
El Paso, Texas (2)
Resume Due 8/27/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 2 positions
No of Resumes All places – 5 each
Period of performance 12 months
US Citizen Mandatory
Security Clearance Preferred any active clearance or investigation. Or capable of passing any clearance
References 3 professional references:
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Job Duties
  • Assists attorneys and legal support staff in organizing voluminous case information. Scans, loads, and indexes documents into a legal case management database. Performs data entry as needed. Assures documents are organized for efficient automated storage and retrieval by preparing appropriate indices, defining data file search criteria and indexing/coding fields.
  • Performs the following tasks while complying with established procedures: compiles, prepares, and summarizes relevant materials for use by attorneys in discovery and in preparation of motions, briefs, and other legal documents; prepares and summarizes transcripts or recordings of depositions, grand jury and other court proceedings, and recordings obtained during investigations, including undercover recordings and court authorized electronic surveillance; uses case management databases (such as CaseMap, eScan-it, and IPro Eclipse)to capture metadata and organize case related information and organizes and maintains case files; maintains all manner of cases,including paper-based case files; performs legal research; indexes, tracks, duplicates, and controls discovery materials (including documents, investigative reports, photos, recordings, transcripts, and other physical and electronically stored information that is produced and received in discovery); meets with attorneys and agent(s) to discusseDiscovery and physical discovery needs and deadlines; redacts sensitive information (i.e., personal identifying information (PII)) from complaints, reports, financial records, third-party records, and other discovery materials utilizing software such as Adobe Acrobat or eScan-it; prepares discovery for dissemination to include identifying correct documents for discovery, scanning documents into images, and copying documents to external media for dissemination; keeps detailed logs of disseminated discovery; uses USAfxwhen appropriate to send out discovery; uses Beyond Compare or other software to verify complete set of discovery is disseminated to appropriate parties; applies Bates numbering or watermarking to documents using software such as Adobe Acrobat or eScan-it.
  • Supports attorneys and other staff, including agents, in preparing for trial by providing a variety of litigation support services. Meets with attorneys, federal agents and investigators and other personnel from a variety of federal and local law enforcement agenciesto learn the details of the case and the government's strategy for proving its case. Utilizing massive amounts of information, correlates this information with a variety of alternatives for its presentation.
  • Independently compiles trial notebooks, assemblesjury instructions, and compiles witness and exhibit lists.
  • Supports attorneys in presenting evidence and other information effectively and persuasively in grand jury, trials, other court proceedings, and at mission-related public events, making effective and creative use of various software and hardware. Prepares photo boards, maps, charts, and other exhibits required for litigation.
  • Sets up equipment for electronic courtroom presentation and runs presentation during trial or hearing. Indexes and tracks exhibits and other materials at depositions and at trial. Assures computers, monitors, and recording equipment are in place in courtrooms and grand jury sessions. Determines the placement and appearance of visual materials that will most effectively convey the information to the court, jury, and/or witnesses or other audience.
  • Creates opening and closing presentations, prepares charts and maps, and prepares trial presentations using trial presentation software such as Trial Director. Syncs audio and video transcripts using audio video editing software such as Vegas Pro, Camtasia, Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition or the transcript syncing software in Trial Director.
  • Prepares exhibit cross-references. Reviews documents for relevance and privilege according to established guidelines and criteria. Other examples of the types of work to be performed include compilation of documents for FOIA production requests, litigation holds, subpoenas, and Congressional inquiries, etc.
  • Participates and assists in preparation for trial by compiling, organizing, and indexing
  • various evidentiary exhibits, affidavits, and other legal documents from file material. Marks and identifies trial exhibits and drafts a list of exhibits to be offered at trial and will prepare narrative summaries, charts, tables, graphs, or other visual aids to be used at trial.
  • When necessary prepares trial exhibits for the JERS system ensuring the naming convention, formats, and file sizes are within the JERS system standards.
  • Examines, prepares, and processes a variety of technical legal documents which may be voluminous and complex in format. Reviews incoming material and independently identifies pertinent material and determines the need for assembly and preparation of a variety of legal documents, e.g., complaints, motions, orders, answers, pleadings, subpoenas, and other legal actions. Obtains needed information from files, courts, law enforcement agencies, or other sources, and submits completed legal documents to the appropriate AUSA or, in limited cases, directly to the court. In preparation of documents, considers the nature and the status of the case involved. Reads and analyzes reports of investigating agencies and sorts through and reads subpoenaed documents and identifies
  • and summarizes portions that may be relevant to particular cases. With limited instructions from the AUSA, prepares such legal actions as indictments, criminal complaints, search warrants, judgments, applications, notices, affidavits, summonses, grand jury subpoenas, motions and orders to show cause, proofs of claim, and satisfaction of judgment. Candidate
  • will complete variable aspects of recurring legal documents in conformance with the rules governing their style and format.
  • Using original and online legal resources, verifies citations and statutory references contained in legal documents. Ensures citations are complete and consistent with source material.
  • Develops tables of contents and indices to briefs in accordance with established format. Lists cited cases, opinions and miscellaneous references in briefs.
  • Establishes and maintains a variety of files to include establishing and maintaining an effective system of compiling, indexing, and organizing this information and its sources. Searches legal reference files for information needed by AUSAs in conducting interviews and preparing correspondence.
  • Composes original letters that do not require legal interpretations, but do require a good working knowledge of legal procedures and specialized terminology, e.g., transmittal of pleadings, requests for extensions of time in certain cases, advising of actions taken or developments in cases referred by other federal departments and agencies, and notices to attorneys representing defendants.
  • Produces a variety of written documents and materials utilizing a wide range of office software applications. For example, assignments may include integrating output from different software types, e.g., tables produced by database applications and charts and graphs produced by electronic spreadsheet applications, into word processing or desk top publishing text. Products include complicated tables, graphs and charts which may be incorporated into legal documents or courtroom presentations. Candidate will ensure the accuracy of their work to include the proper format, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
  • Proficient in use and manipulation of criminal file databases, such as PACER, Courtlink, CaseView, etc.
  • Is proficient in E-filing court documents.
  • Cite checks legal and other citations using Westlaw or LexisNexis to verify authority is still good and current.
  • As requested, uses internet, Westlaw, LexisNexis or other database software to do research.
  • Uses the Federal Criminal Code and Rules (or other sources) to verify correct statute citations and penalties.
  • Prepares and tracks all documents associated with Title Ill applications, ten-day reports and inventory.
  • Organizes large, complex cases using !Pro Eclipse, Relativity, and/or CaseMap.
  • Acts as videographer at depositions, making sure equipment is working and properly placed at the most advantageous spot for recording the deposition. Reminds AUSA when oaths need to be administered to witnesses.
  • Completes complex writing assignments for motions, responses, and briefs, including post•
  • conviction motions filed pursuant to 28 U.S.C. section 2255.
  • Manages and operates a variety of computer hardware such as printers, plotters, audio• visual devices, and other state-of-the-art software and hardware equipment to conceptualize exhibits and complete special presentation projects. Determines a basic
  • dimension of projects and selects appropriate materials/forms, equipment, graphics, audio•
  • visual mediums and other features to make the most effective presentations.
  • Operates office equipment such as telephones, copiers, scanners, disc duplicators, USB
  • duplicators, etc.
  • Diagnoses and resolves litigation support computer system problems. Customizes databases (such as Access, IPro Eclipse and other programs) to meet individual user needs.
  • Assists with messenger/delivery requirements to include, but not limited to, court runs to the Clerk's Office, Pre-Trial Services, U.S. Marshals Office, or other site locations as deemed necessary by the District. No transportation costs are involved.
  • Receives visitors and telephone callers. Furnishes requested information concerning pending and closed matters and cases, functions and general procedures of the office. Determines which matters should be referred to the AUSA and the urgency of the matter.
  • Obligates funds for litigation expenses and monitors for continued necessity. Timely reviews bills and invoices and timely submits to budget office for payment.
  • Maintains calendar of assigned active cases. Tracks filing, hearing, and trial dates, and schedules conferences and interviews. Develops and maintains suspense system for ongoing cases and informs the attorney and other staff of pending dates and deadlines. Maintains electronic and paper calendar(s) of the AUSA(s), schedules appointments, interviews, and conferences, and provides reminders of commitments and court appearances.
  • Arranges travel by preparing itinerary, and securing transportation and hotel reservations. Prepares travel authorizations and vouchers.
  • Must be able to use, understand and maintain directories, personnel lists and other guides and references to provide a variety of information on the office and to refer questions to other offices.
  • Skilled in meeting and dealing with people in a courteous and tactful manner. Skilled in operating a multi-line/multi-function telephone system.
  • Skilled in operating a computer terminal, personal computer, electronic typewriter, or dedicated word processor using a standard typewriter style keyboard with additional function keys to produce a wide range of documents. A qualified typist is required.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office software programs (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Access), Adobe Acrobat Professional, and a variety of data base programs.
  • Must be courteous, and have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be tactful and diplomatic with visitors and callers seeking information or access to the
  • US Attorney and other personnel.
  • Must be able to work and interact professionally and effectively with all levels of staff and to work as a team player in a professional office.
  • Candidate will work in an office setting; some walking, standing, moving equipment, bending and carrying items is required.
  • Handles all administrative duties concerning case files including opening, purging and closing files. Readies files for shipment to the Federal Records Center.
  • Performs other related duties and special projects as assigned.