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Data Entry Clerk (Part-time)
Ref No.: 18-05262
Location: Whiteman AFB, Missouri
Start Date: 07/31/2018
Order # FA4625-18-Q-0074
Job Title Data Entry Clerk
Number of resumes 5 resumes
Resume Due 08/3/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title Data Entry Clerk (Part-time)
Client Department of the Air Force
Air Force Global Strike Command
Place of Performance Whiteman AFB
Missouri 65305
United States
Resume Due 8/3/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 5
Period of performance 4 hours a day for base + 4 option years
Work Hours Monday thru Friday, except federal holidays, from the hours of 0900-1300. Hours of operation may be subject to change or adjusted with a two-week notice. This deviation of schedule must be approved by the A&FRC Flight Chief.
US Citizen Mandatory
Security Clearance Able to clear and maintain any clearance.
At the time of joining candidate need to share – SSN, DOB, Vehicle Tag number and insurance information, Home address
Job Duties
The contractor shall furnish all management, labor, transportation, and materials necessary to administers the timely and accurate input accountability of congressionally mandated documentation for the Transition Assistance Program. Contractor is responsible for the accurate collection, input, inventory, maintenance and tracking of all data, information and forms within the Transition Assistance Program. In coordination with the TAP Core Compliance Expert, the contractor shall review the attendance registration for transition assistance workshops, AND create and disseminate pertinent information for conducting congressionally manadated workshops. and The contractor will answer inquiries to from program participants for the collection and entry of data for statistical reports and transition workshop registration. The contractor shall input customer information to Air Force Family Integrated Reporting and Statistical Tracking (AFFIRST) system. The contractor will use several on-line programs to input customer information and update TAP data such as:
  • Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (DoDTAP)
  • Virtual Military Personnel Flight (VMPF)
  • Air Force Family Integrated Reporting and Statistical Tracking (AFFIRST)
  • Transition Assistance Class (TACL)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • MilConnect (Military Connect)
The contractor will be required to enter casual contact information into the above named systems AFFIRST system and extract reports and rosters. Contractor may have casual contact with clients to extract information for correct data entry. Contractor will use telephone, in-person communication and email to contact client for information for class assignment and correct data entry. Contractor may will be required to track no-show clients in TAP computer systems. The contractor may will be required to schedule and remove personnel from all scheduled TAP classes by A&FRC personnel or through direct contact with the client.
2.2 Non-Personal Services
The Government shall neither supervise contractor employees nor control the method by which the contractor performs the required tasks. Under no circumstances shall the Government assign tasks to, or prepare work schedules for, individual contractor employees. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to manage its employees and to guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services, or give the perception of personal services. If the contractor believes that any actions constitute, or are perceived to constitute personal services, it shall be the contractor's responsibility to notify the Contracting Officer (CO) immediately.
2.3 Business Relations
The contractor shall successfully integrate and coordinate all activity needed to execute the requirement. The contractor shall manage the timeliness, completeness, and quality of problem identification. The contractor shall provide corrective action plans, proposal submittals, timely identification of issues, and effective management of subcontractors. The contractor shall seek to ensure customer satisfaction and professional and ethical behavior of all contractor personnel. The contractor shall establish clear organizational lines of authority and responsibility to ensure effective management of the resources assigned to the requirement.
2.4 Personnel Administration
The contractor shall provide the following support as required. The contractor shall maintain regular work hours for employees during designated Government non-work days or other periods where Government offices are closed due to weather or security conditions. The contractor shall maintain the currency of their employees by providing initial and refresher training as required to meet the PWS requirements.
2.5 Subcontract Management
The contractor shall be responsible for any subcontract management necessary to integrate work performed on this requirement and shall be responsible and accountable for subcontractor performance on this requirement. The prime contractor will manage work distribution to ensure there are no Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) considerations. Contractors may add subcontractors to their team after approval by the Contracting Officer (CO). Cross teaming may or may not be permitted.
2.6 Contractor Personnel, Disciplines, and Specialties
The contractor shall accomplish the assigned work by employing and utilizing qualified personnel with appropriate combinations of education, training, and experience. The contractor shall ensure the labor categories are as defined in the wage determination and utilized as specified in the PWS. Contractor Identification in the Government Workplace. All contractor and subcontractor personnel shall be required to wear company picture identification badges so as to distinguish themselves from Government employees. When conversing with Government personnel during business meetings, over the telephone, or via electronic mail contractor and subcontractor personnel shall identify themselves as such to avoid situations arising where sensitive topics might be better discussed solely between Government employees. Contractors and subcontractors shall identify themselves on any attendance sheet or any coordination documents they may review. Electronic mail signatures shall identify company affiliation.
5.1 Associate's degree preferred in business administration or, at a minimum, some college course work completed. Experience relating to customer service work with Active Duty military personnel, Military Spouses and/or Veterans is highly desirable.
5.2 The contractor shall submit a resume. The resume shall not be more than two pages in length and must contain the following information:
a. Full name and home telephone number
b. Chronological work experience substantiating skills and services
c. Signed and dated statement certifying the information is accurate
d. A minimum of three professional references.
5.3 Must possess a high level of proficiency in both written and verbal English skills and a demonstrated ability to perform data entry at an acceptable rate of speed.
5.4 Must be proficient in applying and troubleshooting Microsoft Office Suite applications to include MS Windows, MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint and must quickly become proficient on other available resource software (VMPF, MilCONNECT, AFFIRST, DODTAP, TAC-L) in order to maintain integrated reports using, at a minimum,  Microsoft Word with Excel spreadsheet and data analysis.
5.5 High level of proficiency in understanding of military protocol, structure, and chain of command; experience with Airman and Family Readiness Center functions or similar services; understanding of family systems in a military setting, and the ability to work effectively with diverse groups.