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Temporary HR Security Support Specialist Services (Personnel Security)
Ref No.: 18-05212
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Start Date: 07/30/2018
Staffing RFP - Request for Resources
Customer Name United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP), Human Resources Division (HRD),
Project Title Temporary HR Security Support Specialist Services (Personnel Security)
Due Date August 3, 2018
Resource / Job Title HR Security Support Specialists
Number of Resumes Four (4) Resume
Work Location Minneapolis MN
Length of Project 6 months (120 days) and one Option Period of 6 months 120 days
Security Clearance Candidate must currently possess at least a government active successfully adjudicated Moderate Risk Background Investigation (MBI) status not to expire any earlier than September 20, 2019.
Salary Range: Open
The HR Operations office is seeking individuals with experience and knowledge of Personnel Security that can
provide clerical support for a range of assignments related to the HR Personnel Security functions. The individuals
will provide key data elements on numerous project investigations and security reports. Personnel Recordkeeping
is necessary for successful performance, along with strong communication and organizational skills.

The individuals will have performed the following tasks: Processed a variety of complex personnel security
actions, including:
  1. Updating the personnel security database/spreadsheet for required background investigations using the
  2. Initiate applicants in the eQIP portal.
  3. Scan fingerprint cards.
  4. Update personnel security databases on a regular basis.
  5. Research OPM's Central Verification System {CVS) to validate previous investigations or historical records.
  6. Assist with LincPass Renewals for APHIS employees
  7. Receives/reviews employee HRO 1197 Supplement forms and prepare the Special Agency Check {SAC) SF
  8. Ensure favorable results from investigations, advanced fingerprint reports or SAC reports and enter them
  9. Facilitate the closing of investigations by ensuring the certificates are uploaded into the employee's eOPF.
  10. Assists in maintaining the unit's tracking spreadsheet for fingerprints and temporary employee files.
  11. Copy, scan, fax, and mailed required personnel security documents.
The work to be performed by the HR Security Support Specialist shall be at the Minneapolis facility located at 250
Marquette Avenue, Suite 410, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55401.
  1. The Specialists will process personnel security actions and provide clerical support for a range of
  2. Work will need to be completed based on the inherent time frames associated with personnel security
  3. Specialists will be responsible for the accuracy of the data input and for conducting the appropriate