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Graphic Designer
Ref No.: 18-05151
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Start Date: 07/26/2018
Order # RFQ1310167
Job Title Graphic Designer
Number of resumes 5 resumes
Resume Due 08/01/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title Graphic Designer
Client U.S. Department of Agriculture
Place of Performance 355 E Street, SW Washington, DC 20024
Resume Due 8/1/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 5
Period of performance Base + 2 option Years (1920 hours each)
US Citizen Mandatory
Security Clearance Active clearance - NACI or higher security clearance. Mandatory
Experience Look for minimum of 3-4 years of federal experience. Preferred candidates with USDA Graphic designer experience.

Job Duties
The Government requires a full-time graphic designer (40 hours per week) to layout and design research reports, scientific posters, statistical charts, tables, maps, and infographics, and magazine/journal articles.
The contractor shall:
  • Layout scientific material that demonstrates the statement of purpose and thesis, logical organization, and publishing suitability.
  • Have skills in interpreting highly technical or controversial information so that it is clearly and effectively communicated to various audiences.
  • Intermediate to advanced skill in using desktop publishing packages (Adobe Creative Suite), Windows word processing, and Internet publishing software. Have skills and experience in designing charts, maps, and tables both for manuscripts and for posters. Knowledge of standard proofreader's marks.
  • Be responsible for remediating content to assure that it is accessible as defined in Section 508 Standards as it pertains to guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, HHS 508 checklist, and U.S. Access Board requirements) for content accessibility. Content must be fully compliant with Section 508, without reliance upon exceptions (except on very rare occasions and as approved in advance by ERS), and with all other applicable laws in effect from time to time during the term. Contractor's work will include any Section 508 compliance elements such as formatting Word documents that make documents accessible when importing into InDesign and exporting as accessible PDFs (including accessible tables in both Word and PDF formats); the maintenance and remediation of accessible PDFs; maintaining document's structure for 508 accessibility for long descriptions, alternative tags, text versions, transcripts, charts, tables, lists, and file's metadata; and knowledge of testing for accessibility in Adobe Acrobat and other remediation software. Such compliance shall be considered an essential element of the contract. Contractor shall coordinate its work with the ERS graphics staff responsible for Section 508 compliance oversight.