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Financial Management Support
Ref No.: 18-05007
Location: Portsmouth, Virginia
Start Date / End Date: 08/29/2018 to 08/28/2019
Order # RFQ1308040
Job Title Financial Management Support
Number of resumes 5 resumes
Resume Due 07/23/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title Financial Management Support
Client Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center
Place of Performance Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, 620 John Paul Jones Circle, Suite 1100, Portsmouth., VA 23708-2103, and other NMCPHC locations as directed
Resume Due 4/23/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 5
Period of performance 08/29/2018 through 08/28/2019
Working Hours Monday through Friday, 0600-1700 hours; 40 hours per week
US Citizen Mandatory
Security Clearance Active clearance is preferred. Able to pass background check NACLC background investigation submitted via a Standard Form 86 (SF-86).
Experience Look for minimum of 3-4 years of federal experience.

Job Duties
6.1 The work requires skill in the use of a number of common, commercial software applications to perform the tasks described herein. Specifically, the Contractor shall be skilled in the use of personal computers and networks and proficient in Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Access) suite programs. Additionally, the Contractor shall be capable of acquiring skills in specialized software applications that are designated standards for or the as noted below:

6.2 The contractor shall provide professional and financial services in support of assigned missions. The work effort is to provide the support required to achieve the desired degree of responsiveness essential to accommodate workload demands. Specific work shall include, but not be limited to the following:

6.2.1 Financial and Technical Support

The contractor shall provide on-site account maintenance and accounting support work requiring a basic understanding of accounting systems, policies, and procedures to examine, verify, maintain, reconcile accounts,. Accounting data, and prepare and analyze reports.

6.2.2 The contractor shall provide the full range of technical support for receipts, disbursements, examinations, deposits and custody of check items which includes handling check items or use of check accountability control methods. This work requires knowledge of the negotiability and validity of check items, the acceptability of required, supporting documents and check processing procedures· of Federal agencies and commercial institutions. Requires review to determine signature authentication, and correct processing codes. Requires the ability to work accurately with figures.

6.2.3 The contractor shall provide the full range of support to examine documents for accuracy, adequacy of documentation, compliance with regulations for goods and. services provided to or by the Government, satisfaction or default in fulfilling contractual obligations, reimbursements for medical, education, travel and transportation.

6.2.4 The contractor shall provide the full range of support to perform technical work in support of budget analysis and administration such as maintain ledgers, budget formulation, compiling, consolidating, checking and arranging funding data. Work requires knowledge of budget procedures related to budgeting in the Federal Service. Practical understanding and skill in the application of administrative rules, regulations and procedures associated with records, reporting, processing, and keeping track of budgetary transactions are required.

6.2.5 The contractor shall provide the full range of support to track, coordinate, and maintain support agreements involving reimbursable cost. The contractor shall provide the full range of technical support to perform accessing necessary reports, analyze data, and report monthly the Reimbursable Work Order Grantor.

6.2.6 The contractor shall provide the full range of support in gathering, tracking, and coordinating data for various taskers that NMCPHC may be required to report to BUMED.

6.2.7 The contractor shall provide certain functions in Defense Travel System (DTS) as allowed by B UMED guidance.


7.1 Financial and Technical Support

7.2.1 Analyze payables and receivables in the Fund Administration and Standardized Document Automation (FASTDATA) and Standardized Accounting & Reporting System-Field Level (STARS-FL) systems for the purpose of ensuring compliance with established accounting guidelines.
6.1.2 Inform internal and external parties regarding procedural requirements for the purpose of providing necessary information for completing transactions, taking appropriate action and/or complying with established accounting guidelines;

7.3.1 Maintain manual and electronic documents, files, and/or records (purchase orders, requisitions, and supporting receipts) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, conveying information, and/or complying with financial and administrative requirements.

7.4.1 Process a variety of electronic and manual accounting information for the purpose
Of updating information and/or authorizing final action in compliance with accounting requirements.

7.5.1 Research discrepancies of financial information and/or documentation (billing information, invoices, payable vouchers, etc.) for the purpose of identifying and providing information, direction, appropriate referrals and/or resolving issues. Respond to inquiries from a variety of internal and external sources for the purpose of identifying and providing information, direction, appropriate referrals and/or resolving issues. Produce and provide a variety of reports, both routine and ad hoc that identify trends and provide recommendation for audit readiness.
  1. The Government reserves the right, during the life of the resulting contract, to request work histories on any contactor employee for the purpose of verifying compliance with the above requirements; additionally, the government reserves the right to review resumes of contractor personnel proposed to be assigned. Personnel assigned to, or utilized by, the contactor in performance of work shall be fully capable of performing the contemplated functions of the respective labor categories in an efficient, reliable, and professional manner.
  2. Specific Personnel Qualifications Requirements -Personnel required to perform the services set forth within this Statement of Work shall meet the minimum qualifications for the respective labor categories identified herein. Personnel assigned to or utilized by the contractor in the performance of this contract shall, as a minimum, be a United States Citizen, meet the experience, educational, or other background requirements set forth in the job description below and shall be fully capable of performing in an efficient, reliable, and professional manner
  3. Important. Please note that the contractor must identify and correlate the qualifications and capabilities of the proposed contractor employees with the education, general experience and specialized experience requirements set forth below as well as to the tasks to be performed set forth in paragraph 5. This information may be provided as a part of the resume or elsewhere in the contractor's quote.
  1. Description. The contractor employee will provide accounting activities including processing, recording updating, and reconciling accounting information; providing instructions and/or accounting support to other personnel; processing, preparing, checking, verifying, and maintaining vendor records and support documents; providing guidance on order processing; and documenting activities in accordance with purchasing requirements and/or federal regulations.
  2. Education. Associate Degree preferred, but not required, in accounting/budget or related fields.
  3. General Experience. The financial technician must have at least 5 years' experience providing mid to senior level support in accounting/budget.
  4. Specialized Experience. The contract employee will have:
  1. Knowledge of and skill in applying the principles of budget execution for appropriated fund budgets to determine whether obligations, expenditures, and requested allotments are within funding limitations in the approved budget.
  2. Knowledge of the installation accounting system and related documents in order to locate and analyze data pertaining to the budget process.
  3. Detailed knowledge of procedures and regulations covering the processing of a wide range of budgetary transactions under appropriated and reimbursable accounts is used to process and extract budgetary data from a variety of forms, documents, and reports (e.g., work orders, vouchers, and accounting records). Knowledge is also applied to resolve problems in balancing accounts, adjust discrepancies, develop control records, verify the accuracy of budgetary data, adjust dollar amounts of accounts by line item and object class, and prepare reports on status of funds.
  1. Knowledge of Fund Administration and Standardized Document Automation (FASTDATA), Standardized Accounting & Reporting System -Field Level (STARS-FL), and Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) systems.