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Business Process Analyst
Ref No.: 18-04555
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Start Date / End Date: 06/29/2018 to 12/30/2018
We are currently seeking a Business Process Analyst contractor to assist us in our Risk/ Process Excellence Division at our headquarters location on Belvidere Street. The duties/responsibilities and knowledge and skills are listed below. All contact should be made with me and my contact information is listed below in the signature line.

The Business Process Analyst (BPA) will work to ensure that business procedures, policies, processes and supporting systems continue to meet business needs. The BPA must be able to work collaboratively with the business areas, Risk and IT to document procedures and policies and to facilitate existing process changes to drive efficiency and effectiveness. The BPA is a hands-on worker who will drive the creation and documentation of current state business process models including human-to-human interaction, human to system interaction and system-to-system interaction. This position will do a significant amount of work with the business to create and/or edit policies and procedures that support the business process. There is an immediate need for this person to help with documenting policies and procedures in Accounting, HO, HR and Exec Svcs areas.

The process mapping may also incorporate document content, use of business information/data, use of business rules, visual representation for the business staff and incorporate upstream/downstream process(es) and links to external organizations. The BPA will work with the business process owner, process manager and subject matter experts (SME's) to identify process waste such as bottlenecks and redundant tasks, control gaps and risks in the current state process(es) and will develop models of the future state process with optimized changes and minimal impacts to other processes and/or technology systems. The BPA will work with the Director of PE to identify recommendations for process changes, personnel resources and skills, policy, supporting procedures, goal and rule changes along with metrics to measure the impact of process changes.

Knowledge/Skill Requirement:
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including active listening skills.
• Previous experience (3-5 years) with documenting policies, procedures and processes.
Excellent ability to think and respond quickly and effectively to unfamiliar subjects or scenarios, including through asking relevant questions and conducting appropriate research.
•Excellent relationship-building and negotiation skills.
•Excellent organizational skills.
•Excellent writing skills and adept at writing policies and procedures and adhering to style guides.
•Effective ability to find pertinent information online or through other references.
•Effective problem solving skills.
•Ability to communicate and interact effectively at all layers of the organization.
•BA/BS required in one of the following areas of Business Analysis, Business Management, Information Systems or equivalent working experience.
•5 years experience as a business process analyst. Preferred Six Sigma green belt.
•Experience working in a mortgage or financial organization is preferred.
•Adept at using multiple facilitation and inquiry methods and techniques when working with users and SME's in the business.
•Knowledge and experience with Lean Management and/or Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools.
•Inquisitive nature and demonstrated strength in collaborating with business users at all levels in the organization.
•Proficiency in researching best practices/processes compared to industry peers.
•Experience with defining business outcomes related to BPI and establishing future state measures/metrics.
•Proficiency with MS Office, Visio and/or other business modeling tools and business process modeling notation (BPMN), MS SharePoint, MS Outlook.

Previous experience with client-facing roles required.

• Monday - Friday 8:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Our Process:

1--Please review the knowledge/skills and duties/responsibilities listed above.
2--Forward resumes for interested, qualified applicants to me.
3--Upon receipt, I will review them and forward the most qualified applicants to the hiring manager. At no time, should the hiring manager be contacted directly by you.
4--The hiring manger will determine which applicants to interview and I will partner with you to schedule all interviews.
5--Once a decision is made for the applicant of choice, you will be contacted to extend an offer to that individual, pending their successful completion of a background check.
6--Discussion of start date and other final details will take place at this point.
7—We do not provide feedback on applicants that are not selected to interview, nor do we provide feedback on applicants interviewed but not extended an offer.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.