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Administrative Assistant
Ref No.: 18-04042
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Start Date: 06/08/2018
Order # RFQ1294644
Job Title Routine Administer and Miscellaneous Clerical Work
Number of resumes 4 resumes
Resume Due 06/8/2018 EOD

Job Duties
Task 1 –Coordinating and Scheduling Work
Maintains the supervisor's appointment calendar, using manual or automated processes, schedules appointments independently, reminds the supervisor of meetings, briefs the supervisor on the subject matter prior to the meeting, and makes the administrative arrangements as required. Based on the subject matter of the meeting, determines staff and others who should attend, and arranges for the meeting and conference administrative details. Based on the subject matter of the meetings, notifies and coordinates the scheduling of participants, assembles background information for the supervisor without direction, attends the meetings, follows up with participants on action items, and reports on the meeting's proceedings. Takes notes at meetings and transcribes for staff members.
Makes all necessary arrangements for the supervisor upon scheduling appointments based on knowledge of the supervisor's preferences in travel. Keeps in touch with the supervisor en route to resolve problems. Completes the processing of vouchers. Attends meetings with supervisor, notes commitments made and ensures that staff implements such commitments. Determines subordinate staff attendance at conferences when staff acts as representative on behalf of the supervisor.
Task 2- Public Contact Work
Directs visitors and callers from: academic and/or research institutions, professional societies, congressional offices, members of the news media, state and local health department officials, high ranking officials in the medical community, attorneys, public action groups. Personally provides information about the office, its functions, and standard operating procedures as well as other similar information. Searches for and assembles information about the office's programs from files and records to respond to inquiries. Screens calls for the supervisor and staff and personally answers calls when the requested information concerns routine and procedural requirements.
Task 3- Mail Correspondence and Reports
Processes incoming material, which may include e-mail, by: screening material and determining which should be routed to the supervisor and which to appropriate staff members. Searches files and assembles background information on the subject of the incoming material prior to referral. Controls outgoing correspondence to insure meeting necessary suspense dates and coordinates the efforts of subordinate staff members to ensure timely preparation of reports and correspondence. Reviews correspondence, noting conflicts or departures from policy. Develops proposed resolution to the conflicts prior to presenting the matter to the supervisor. Drafts brief letters and memos after receiving general instructions on the subject matter when correspondence relates to non-technical, administrative matters, for example, memos about deadlines or requirements to submit reports. Revises or edits phrases and sentences to improve or correct the meaning or style of material submitted or electronic documents transmitted via word processing or other programs. May type material from voice recordings. Revises or composes acknowledgments, commendations, notifications, letters of transmittal, and official social notes for the supervisor's signature. Prepares a wide variety of recurring internal reports and documents from information obtained from available files such as time and attendance, overtime, production, travel, and/or budgetary reports.
Identifies needs and collects background information from staff or files to prepare correspondence/reports. Submits the information to the supervisor or staff for final review. In preparing collaborative replies to correspondence or reports, relays instructions to staff, collects information, prepares replies, or consolidates/coordinates submittal of information. Reviews and signs correspondence of a non-technical nature for the supervisor during the supervisor's absence ensuring its accuracy and consistency with the supervisor's views. Compiles background material for the supervisor's use either from files or from subordinate staff or other offices. Frequently, the information is obtained orally from a variety of sources. The secretary regularly performs this type of information search and organizes the material for the supervisor while highlighting the most important parts.
Task 4 Filing and Retrieval of Filed Material
Files the following items: correspondence, reports, records, publications, regulations, directives. Locates filed material by subject-matter, numeric designation codes or symbols. Reviews contents of files and summarizes information for supervisor or staff. Examples of this are: locates material and information in files and/or inter/intranet resources for information related to subject-matter or topic; locates information from files and other sources for recurring internal reports and documents. Performs periodic inventory of files and disposes of any outdated material.
Task 5 -Office Automation Work
Integrates a variety of types of office automation software to generate specific working documents and forms. Uses basic and advanced functions of a variety of types of office automation software, e.g., database, spreadsheet, and word processing. Selects the most appropriate software type or integrates different software types for a specific office need and resolves problems with current automated office support. Work involves operation of electric typewriters and personal computers.
Task 6 Coordinating the Work of Subordinate Clerks
Reviews, controls, and distributes the work of clerical personnel and shifts personnel to meet fluctuations in workload. Trains clerical personnel and new employees in the functions of the office and its requirements. Advises secretaries in subordinate organizations or, subordinate office clerical personnel (non-secretarial), on the information to be provided in reports, changes in policies or procedures and the methods to accomplish clerical work.
Task 7 Monitoring of Office Resources
Obtains regularly required office supplies and services, e.g., publications, stationary supplies, and maintenance of office equipment. Obtains and monitors a full range of office support services such as printing, maintenance, and supply services. Identifies outdated or problem equipment, gathers information (catalogs, prices) on office equipment, or requests equipment purchases for own work area. Ascertains the needs of subordinate offices and coordinates the purchase of equipment and services to meet the organization's needs. Uses time and attendance reporting system to maintain and reviews time and attendance records. Forwards them to the appropriate office for processing. If errors or discrepancies are noted, returns them to the originating office for corrections or makes corrections after contacting originating office. Prepares material for the supervisor's budgeting use by reviewing and researching time and attendance records and compiling information on such items as salary costs, hours worked, and full time equivalencies.
Task 8 Performs other duties as assigned that are related to this position