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IT Support – Sr IT Helpdesk Engineer
Ref No.: 18-03400
Location: Washington, Delaware
Start Date: 05/11/2018
Job Description
Job Title IT Support – Sr IT Helpdesk Engineer
Client Postal Regulatory Commission
Place of Performance 901 New York Avenue NW, Suite 200W, Washington DC, 20268 and at place of business.
Resume Due 5/15/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 2
Working Hours Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm (Excludes Federal Holidays)
Period of performance Option Year 1: From July 6, 2019 to July 5, 2020
Option Year 2: From July 6, 2020 to July 5, 2021
Option Year 3: From July 6, 2021 to July 5, 2022
US Citizen U.S citizen
Travel The Contractor will be reimbursed for travel
Pay rate $47 to 50


The purpose of this contract is to augment IT support provided by the Commission IT team.

The Abacus shall provide staff augmentation support for the Commission IT infrastructure, which encompasses the areas addressed within this document. Qualified Contractor personnel shall support on-site and remote users with Tier-2 Help Desk duties during designated Commission business hours. Limited assistance should also be available after hours. The Abacus should be able to have an appropriate bench sufficient to scale resources to meet technology support demands. The Abacus should have the qualifications and expertise to provide any indirect or supplemental IT support services, such as, Web development service, on an as-needed basis.

Job Duties

Task 1: End-User Desktop Support:
  • Provide end-user technical assistance on Commission approved hardware and software as directed by the IT Manager;
  • Test, install, and configure new PCs, thin clients, and laptops;
  • Install, upgrade, and maintain operating system and application software for all Commission furnished equipment in accordance with Commission configuration management procedures;
  • Ensure Commission's PCs, thin clients, and laptops are current with virus scanning software versions, software patches and updates;
  • Troubleshoot and resolve hardware issues such as printer jams and hardware configuration settings. If the scope of resolution efforts goes beyond this, refer issues that require outside repair back to the Help Desk for them to escalate the problem to an external service provider for warranty repair;
  • Work with the warranty service providers as required;
  • Perform hardware move and change tasks;
  • Maintain inventory and licenses;
  • Provide tablet and smartphone support.

The key personal should provide desktop support like Desktop computers, thin clients, and laptop computers, personal and network printers, scanners, and mobile devices. The key personal should give server support, Monitoring, Backup, restore, and disaster recovery, Server and Operating System maintenance, Configuration Management, Cyber Security and Facilities Management

Task 2: Server/Operating System (OS) Management

Server Support:
  • Support for servers (virtual and physical) running Commission applications shall be limited to hardware and operating system support as outlined in this section, and assisting Commission employees in loading and upgrading applications on the respective system;
  • Database servers shall be supported in accordance with this section for physical and operating system support; and
  • Web application server shall be supported in accordance with this section for physical hardware and operating system support. Content and content applications shall be managed by the Commission and other Contractors.
  • Monitor the performance of Commission servers for optimal system performance;
  • Establish automated server management procedures that can rapidly respond to performance fault conditions;
  • Respond to and resolve server performance problems and outage situations;
  • Provide server outage status reports within 30 minutes of outage and hourly updates until resolved
  • Perform capacity planning, trend analysis and notify IT Manager of requirements for server upgrades (such as adding memory, increasing disk space, etc.)
  • Provide monthly reports for processor and memory utilization, availability, response time, system uptime, and other statistics that are collected by the government provided monitoring software

Backup, restore, and disaster recovery
  • Perform and monitor all server backups
  • Restore files and directories in response to user help desk requests
  • Integrate data backup and restore activities into the disaster recovery process; and
  • Ensure data backup and transfer to the Commission designated COOP facility in accordance with the Commission COOP and disaster recovery process.

Server and Operating System maintenance:
  • Maintain and provide improvements to the Commission's MS Active Directory infrastructure
  • Maintain and provide improvements to the Commission's PKI infrastructure
  • Maintain and provide upgrades to the Commission's Microsoft Hyper-V virtual infrastructure
  • Provide expertise in managing the Commission's Storage Area Network
  • Maintain current knowledge of vendor upgrades and patches to the server operating systems and firmware;
  • Evaluate vendor provided system changes/upgrades and provide recommendations to the Commission;
  • Apply all patches, upgrades, and enhancements as approved by the Commission IT Manager and in accordance with Commission configuration management procedures
  • Perform hardware maintenance; i) Ensure all server components are fully operational
  • Maintain a complete and current inventory of all servers; k) Ensure warranty and service contractors are current, and maintain a current list of service provider contractor numbers and contact information;
  • Troubleshoot and perform initial repair of hardware fault conditions
  • Work with the maintenance provider to resolve hardware problems when necessary
  • Maintain servers for optimal performance in memory utilization, availability, response time, system uptime, and other performance statistics
  • Perform routine server maintenance according to the off-hours maintenance schedule established by Commission
  • Perform refresh of servers on a periodic basis and as the need arises to maintain a current server environment; and
  • Develop and implement a Server Management Plan that describes activities, procedures, responsibilities, and reporting

Configuration Management:
  • Support the Commission change management process
  • Follow all Commission change control policies and procedures
  • Update technical documentation (diagrams, SOPs, etc.) as changes to the configuration are completed, and provide to the IT Manager in hardcopy and electronic formats

Cyber Security:
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal, Commission, and FISMA security rules and regulations
  • Adhere to the Commission system security plan
  • Maintain up-to-date security devices
  • Ensure up-to-date virus scan software is loaded and running on all Commission servers
  • Ensure password creation and reset policies are enforced
  • Review security solution system logs to assess possible server vulnerabilities, attacks, and/or problems
  • Review US CERT reports and remediate applicable vulnerabilities.

Facilities Management:
  • Maintain areas around network components (data center and wiring closets) in a neat and orderly manner to minimize clutter
  • Label all equipment using an industry-standard method as approved by the Commission
  • Ensure remote connectivity to all server resources. Work with the network manager to ensure users can remotely access the resources on the network necessary to perform their duties.


The Key personal should provide server support services to the Commission. The Server and OS support services shall include comprehensive server management services and administration support for Commission, Cloud servers. Key personal responsibilities shall include the full range of server management activities, from initial setup to ongoing operations