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Project Manager
Ref No.: 18-03349
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Start Date: 05/10/2018
Job Description
Job Title Project Manager
Client USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Place of Performance
Alexandria, VA 22302
Resume Due 5/15/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 2
Period of performance 1 base year and 4 optional years (Total 5 yrs)
US Citizen U.S citizen
Travel Key personal may need to travel various locations around the United States and will be reimbursed at actual cost within the Joint Travel Regulations limitations for allowable costs


The purpose of this task order is to obtain qualified and experienced personnel to support USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to transmit, consolidate, and process data from/to States and to/from the U. S. Department of the Treasury for the purpose of collecting delinquent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipient claims. PM will include all activities related to technical support necessary to operate, maintain, and support the process for the collection of delinquent SNAP recipient debts through TOP. It includes the handling and processing of data to/from States, the Department of the Treasury, and a private locator company, if used.

The Contractor shall provide personnel to maintain systems support and to assist FNS in the day-to-day operations necessary to add and update debts in the Treasury Offset Program (TOP), to assist States with TOP file formats, to assess the quality of data from States and to identify non-conformance to TOP formats. Additionally the Contractor will provide technical guidance, maintain a library of reports, and respond to ad hoc request for information and reports.

Job Duties

  • TASK 4.1 – Data Transfer and System Operations
  • Task 4.2 - Technical Support
  • Task 4.3 – Monitor Current Process for Procedural or System Changes
  • Task 4.4 – Maintain System Documentation
  • Task 4.5 – Reports
  • Task 4.6 – State Data Analysis
  • Task 4.7 – Interaction between the Contractor and State and Federal Government Agencies

The Key personal will receive files from States monthly for address requests. The Key personal shall perform several functions related to this file
  • Check the social security number against a profile of numbers issued by Social Security Administration to identify invalid numbers
  • Send the file to Treasury for address matches
  • Send records without a Treasury match to a private locator company for address matches, if FNS has a contract
  • Send records to the private locator to check for death records, if FNS has a contract
  • Consolidate the data from functions l and 2, and 3 and 4, if a private locator is used and sends each State their records with codes to identify matches, partial matches, no matches, deceased individuals and invalid social security numbers

Processing Files: The key personal will:
  • Work closely with FNS staff to understand Treasury requirements including file formats and assist with communicating those requirements to States.
  • Receive/send and process files from States, private locator company, if being used, and Treasury.
  • Advise the FNS-TOP Liaison and the COR of any processing delays or other problems with sending/receiving files from Treasury or States.
  • Ensure that files are sent to and from Treasury, States, private locator company, if being used, and FNS within the established schedules and formats.
  • Maintain log of receipt/delivery of files

Provide Quality Assurance Data into TOP
  • The Contractor will examine the State data in its raw form by processing it through edit programs to verify the integrity of the data before consolidating and transmitting the data to Treasury.
  • The Contractor will assist States with correction of data that did not process through edit programs
  • Key Personal will provide technical support to States regarding TOP record layouts and perform day-to-day operations involved with transmitting and receiving files from States and Treasury
  • Provide technically competent and knowledgeable staff that can become well-versed in the record layouts prescribed by Treasury.
  • Provide staff members that can communicate requirements to States and assist when questions and problems arise
  • The key personal will monitor the existing process and changes planned or anticipated by Treasury and identify procedural or system changes needed by FNS. The Contractor shall make necessary changes to internal procedures to implement applicable changes
  • The Key personal shall interface with Treasury technical staff to become familiar with the Treasury environment, procedures, requirements or any new system modifications.

The key personal should be familiar with IBM mainframes and IBM PC compatibles, COBOL II, Job Control Language (JCL), CLIST's, Connect: Direct; File-Aid and SQL. The candidate should have experience in PC applications such as software as Microsoft Office Professional and the Agency desktop tools, MOVEIT, must have extensive experience in advance database and systems engineering methodologies and technologies and appropriate application development and support software. Candidate must also have good oral and writing skills and should be able to present and give technical presentations.

Contractor technical personnel are expected to have extensive experience in advance database and systems engineering methodologies and technologies and appropriate application development and support software.