Previous Job
Administrative Support Services
Ref No.: 18-02851
Location: SANDY, Oregon
Start Date: 04/23/2018
Order # RFQ1281441
Job Title Administrative Assistant
Number of resumes 4 potential candidate
Resume Due 04/25/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title Records Inventory and Organization
Client USFS-Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area
Place of Performance USDA
SANDY, OR 97055
Resume Due 4/25/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 4
Period of performance 1040 hours in a year.
Work Hours Averaging about 20 hours per week.
US Citizen Mandatory
Security Clearance Active Clearance is preferred. This person shall have government security clearance in place to enter a government facility and access/operate government computer systems.
Experience Federal experience is preferred.

Job Duties
The USFS-Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area (CRGNSA) is a Forest Service administrative unit in Forest Service Region 6. The USFS-CRGNSA headquarters office is in Hood River, Oregon. The CRGNSA is pursuing a non-personal service contract with a vendor to provide the following clerical and program support:
  • Conduct a physical inventory of hard copy records residing in the headquarters office, adjacent storage area, and the Herman Creek Work Center (near Cascade Locks, OR)
  • Develop an electronic records inventory based on the physical inventory
  • Identify and assign file codes for records or groups of records as needed, using the established government file code system
  • Provide recommendations about records organization consistent with the federal records management system
  • Organize or reorganize hard copy records according to agreed-on system
  • Scan selected documents to create electronic records
  • Other tasks as assigned by Technical Contact

  • Highly organized, attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently, ask for direction as needed
  • Ability to use computer spreadsheet or other appropriate software to create electronic inventory
  • Familiarity with government file codes system
  • Ability to readily sort files, characterize contents, and accurately assign appropriate file codes
  • Valid driver's license
  • Ability to pass any required government background check

Inventory and file codes:
  • Inventory all records located in file cabinets, map drawers, and other pre-identified locations currently used for file storage. Records include but are not limited to:
    • Files
    • Maps
    • Photos
    • NEPA and other environmental analysis and decision documents
    • Other types of agency-generated documents encountered during the inventory
  • Develop an electronic records inventory using Excel or other appropriate spreadsheet or database software.
  • Identify and assign file codes for records or groups of records as needed, using the established USFS File Code system. Include file codes in the electronic inventory.

  • Organize or reorganize the physical records and file storage
  • Identify practical physical records organization strategies based on the inventory, existing file storage facilities, and space availability
  • Recommend an efficient strategy for records management and organization based on available space
  • Organize/reorganize physical files, file cabinets, map cabinets, etc. as needed to establish the agreed-on strategy.
  • Provide a summary report of work completed. Include written instructions about how to use the electronic inventory; and describe the layout, logic and functioning of the reorganized record and file storage system

Scan selected records and create electronic file system:
  • Scan selected records or groups of records
  • Physically identify which hard copy filed have been scanned
  • Create electronic filing system for these scanned records, including naming the electronic document files