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Technician Analyst
Ref No.: 18-02571
Location: Smyrna, Tennessee
Start Date: 04/30/2018
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Performs various support functions in engineering related assignments.

Complete Description:
Performs various support functions in engineering related assignments.

Job Description Summary
Perform physical disassembly of various automotive parts to determine material weight distribution within the part.
Manage priority lists to define best method of study in regards to challenging material weight.
Perform plant floor walks to locate usage of parts and to find any potential parts to be used in later material studies.
Collect data from weight findings to be negotiated for both PCR and Non-PCR overpayment.
Assist in development and the enforcement of 5S procedures to deal specifically with scrap parts within the team.
Work with and attend meetings to enforce material scrap procedures with material handling and scrap teams once validation processes are complete.
Create detailed proposals to determine opportunity from several suppliers based on material commodity for all HC groups.
Liaison between THANKS and Material Challenge pillar.
Streamline and create templates to be served as basis for all material studies.
Meet and present findings to RNPO, Suppliers, & Material Challenge Teams to capture THANKS CFP Savings.
Process Activity Support. Acquire data using different methods to determine current capacity of automated guided vehicle systems.
Build timing models based on system findings (specifically with automated guided vehicles).
Brainstorm system improvements along with times to implement with engineers and maintenance.
Potentially assist on communization studies within war room to show cost reductions based on part changes.
Assist in the pursuit of continuous improvement, problem solving and waste elimination.
Sharepoint Data Base
Develop tool to help track all tasks for a specific Kaizen item with Microsoft Excel and SharePoint using the programming language VBA to be used by managers and team leaders.
Assist Sharepoint leaders on request / maintenance as necessary
RPA Leader