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MDOS - Application Architect/EA1
Ref No.: 18-00587
Location: Dimondale, Michigan
Start Date / End Date: 01/29/2018 to 09/30/2018

Engagement Type:Contract
This request is for (1) Application Architect to work on MDOS Priority Projects.

Works across Application Development, Service Delivery and Infrastructure to identify, research, discuss, design, and implement key enterprise architecture standards.

This request is for (1) Senior Application Architect, to perform Senior Application Architect responsibilities related to the MDOS Priority Projects. The Senior Application Architect will be executing tasks as defined in the State of Michigan's Project Management Methodology (PMM) as well as the Systems Engineering Methodology (SEM).
Specific tasks may include but are not limited to:
• Analyze and recommend architecture solutions
• Lead other developers in development of system in accordance with defined architecture.
• Ensure compliance with standards (defacto and dejure)
• Analyze and recommend solutions for Web and mobile applications
• Analyze business practices and processes to determine best practice strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency
• Assist with Strategic planning, including applications integration and legacy application strategy
• Analyze hardware and software to assist in the standards determination and setting of processes
• Perform Cost analysis and modeling to assist in the assessment of the return on investment for projects and computer operations.
• Analyze application development processes and tools
• Recommend changes in hardware, storage, network systems, operating systems, COTS software, security and software design to meet future growth and improve system performance
• Assist with the development of Business Process Models
• Assist with architecting the integration of various vendor technologies including COTS
• Support technical teams with implementations
• Assist with the coordination of architectural change in both technical and business environments
• Assist with architecting diverse solutions into a cohesive and manageable environment
• Recommend solutions for technical architectures of web content management applications
• Assist in the development of solution architectures from business requirements, information architecture, and technical architecture
• Analyze market trends so as to relate business needs with technical opportunities
• Participate in technology test plan development and execution
• Create and modify appropriate documentation deliverables that exist within the Systems Engineering Methodology and are required for the State of Michigan standards.

Required / Desired Skills
Required / Desired
of Experience
experience working in web development with .Net and C#
experience as software architect - developing solution architecture from business requirements, information architecture, and technical architecture
experience with object oriented design and development
experience with MVC, Razor, and related .NET technologies and frameworks
experience with the Entity Framework, JQuery, and related .Net Technologies

Question 1
Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 2
Please list candidate's email address that will be used when submitting E-RTR.
Question 3
The selected candidate will be responsible for any and all costs associated with parking for this position. These costs will not be reimbursed by CAI or State of Michigan. Please confirm you have discussed this with your candidate and he/she accepts this requirement.
Question 4
In person interviews preferred for this position, which will take place on Feb 2 (3-3:45pm and 3:45-4:30pm) and Feb 6 (2:30-3:15p, 3:15-4p, and 4-4:45p) . Do you accept this requirement?
Question 5
Please include a paragraph re: candidate's availability, location, applicable skills, and other pertinent information in the Summary of Qualifications tab, when submitting. Thank you.
Question 6
The Vendor Rate will not exceed ****. Do you accept this requirement?