LCC - Network Engineer 1
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LCC - Network Engineer 1
Ref No.: 17-04376
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Start Date / End Date: 07/10/2017 to 01/12/2018
Short Description: Installs VoIP technologies and supporting networks. Assesses existing configurations and makes recommendations based on product specs. Configures equipment/software to meet business needs, trains others on solution, and documents solution.

Complete Description: Years of Experience:
2 to 3 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

Job Description:
Has knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment.

*Work with Senior Network Administrator to design, and install future expansion of all voice and data communication services for the college

*Requires experience in the technical services and support field as well as experience in network administration (DHCP, DNS, routers, firewall, etc.)

*Manage and monitor all data and voice networking hardware (hubs, switches and routers) for the College's WAN/MAN/LAN, this includes the servers and software for the VoIP telephony scheme.

*Monitor network security to eliminate or lessen the impact of misuse and abuse of network systems and information. Investigate reports of suspected abuse or policy violations.

*Troubleshoot and maintain converged network connectivity.

*Monitor industry sites and publications for needed patches, releases, viruses, and potential problem identification.

*Oversee and/or implement changes to the cable infrastructure of the college. Maintain the cable records databases.
Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
Demonstrates knowledge, understanding, and technical use of converged (voice and data) networking technologies Required 2 Years
Demonstrates knowledge, understanding, and technical use of many and various desktop operating systems and software applications, internet/intranet Required 2 Years
Technical and/or working knowledge of some or all of the following: •Cisco Hubs and Switches Cisco Cube/VoIP Routers•Wireless 802.11 Required 2 Years
Technical and/or working knowledge of some or all of the following:•VoIP Telephony•Cisco Call Manager•Cisco IPCC•Cisco Unity•Cisco Emergency Responder Required 2 Years
Technical and/or working knowledge of some or all of the following:•Microsoft Active Directory (DHCP)•OnSSI Systems IP Video•Cisco Nexus Switches Desired 2 Years

Question 1 Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 2 Please list candidate's email address that will be used when submitting E-RTR.
Question 3 Please include a paragraph re: candidate's availability, location, applicable skills, and other pertinent information in the Summary of Qualifications tab, when submitting. Thank you.
Question 4 In person interviews only. They will conduct interviews the week of July 17th. Do you accept these requirements? No other dates/times are available.
Question 5 Candidate must have their own vehicle and cover transportation/parking costs. Please confirm you have discussed this with your candidate and he/she accepts this requirement.
Question 7 US Citizenship required - per manager. Please confirm.