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System Administrator
Ref No.: 17-01184
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Start Date / End Date: 08/01/2017 to 02/01/2018
Job Title: Fed - Consultant II
Location: Washington, DC 2005
Duration: 6-12 months
Position Details: ***Public Trust/ Client Background***

Interview Process:
Client will review and interview candidates. Candidates may then have interview with DOJ if requested and will be coordinated by Project Manager.

ROLE: Systems Administrator

At least three years hands-on, directly applicable experience
actually doing the work of implementing the kinds of systems being set up - e.g., UNIX, Windows,etc. - will generally be expected. It is essential that the individual actually have done the work of designing, obtaining equipment and software, installing, integrating, testing, etc., in the environment required. Must have a good understanding of the specific applications and application software, e.g., Oracle, Concordance, web hosting, etc. CNE certification highly desirable. At least one year of experience setting up large scale database management applications, using the applicable database management software. MS Windows experience required. Experience in storage technology planning, performance capacity planning and modeling, applications planning, human factors issues, distributed processing, business process analysis. Requires at least six months experience on the job at the specific installation being administered. Requires in-depth knowledge of the Government's IT environments, including office automation networks and PC and server based databases and applications. Requires in-depth knowledge of the Government's security requirements (i.e. NIST, E-Gov, FIPS, FISMA, and DOJ regulations). Litigation support experience helpful. Proven management skills preferred. Excellent written and oral communication skills required. Undergraduate degree preferred; preferably in the computer science or management information/technology disciplines.

Experience with SharePoint
Experience using Dell hardware and VMs
Past expereince working in the Federal Government space

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of IT systems set up by the Government to provide automated litigation support IT resources to specific cases. For large scale systems, the System Administrator (I or II) may assist and back up the Senior System Administrator. For more moderately sized systems, may be responsible for the entire installation. Responsible for keeping the systems and services up and running; monitoring, analyzing and optimizing server and system performance, including making recommendations for improving performance; performing scheduled system backups; assigning user IDs and passwords; allocating and tracking disk space; providing consulting support and advice to, and coordinating with, IT users responsible for specific applications/databases on the servers; identifying and ordering needed supplies, hardware, software and accessories; and performing hardware and software upgrades. Implements and enforces system, facility, and data security measures, including resources and procedures for patch management, security reporting, and disaster recovery. Administers not only hardware and operating system software, but also database and other applications software. Coordinates with the COR and DOJ technical staff on all these issues, and coordinates as well as with the DOJ office automation network administration staff on issues having to do with DOJ office automation networks. Reports on progress. Develops tools for system-wide use in developing applications; prepares system documentation.
Required Skills: System Administrator, years of Experience