SAP Consultant
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SAP Consultant
Ref No.: 18-21414
Location: Burbank, California
Start Date: 04/11/2018
Description/Comment: Principal Technical Specialist The SAP Solution Architect is responsible for all technical aspects of SAP and related applications, ensuring quality targets, cost containment objectives, and optimal operating conditions are met and sustained through analysis of existing systems, as well as through expert design in new system implementations.

• This SAP Solution Architect needs to be a self-starter who can review business requirements, ask appropriate questions as needed to understand and document technical requirements.

• They must then be able to research, evaluate and propose multiple viable solutions that leverage new and existing technologies. The proposals should include communication of the recommended technology solution, implementation and ongoing costs, timelines, resource plans, etc.

• The solutions should also be cost effective, extensible and, once built and deployed, they should be able to be operationalized and transitioned to either internal or outsourced support teams.

• In addition, the SAP Solution Architect must provide guidance and approval for operational support teams, incident management, root cause analysis and corrective actions, etc., and take steps to ensure that whether the issue is being worked by Disney or by Application Management Services (AMS) that they're being addressed in a timely manner meeting agreed upon SLAs as well as customer expectations.

• The ideal candidate for this position should have an eye toward determining if there are ongoing patterns that might indicate chronic issues that should be addressed holistically to prevent a reoccurrence, and work in conjunction with the Operations Specialists to determine and implement permanent fixes.

• This individual would team with the Application Infrastructure Operations group to determine if new solution proposals and projects can be made to better support or improve the services the team renders to application owners.

• Project manages technical Proofs of Concept changes for new solution proposals and projects.

• The individual in this position would need to have visibility and understanding of technical changes proposed by other infrastructure teams that could impact existing solutions and be able to provide a plan and execute these changes with little or no impact to the services provided by the team, and be a resource to provide technical options including infrastructure / hosting support costs, impact assessment for existing solutions.

• Must be able to prioritize sometimes conflicting tasks and ensure on time delivery. This person must be able to work independently as the responsibilities span enterprise-wide systems.
Basic Qualifications Qualifications:
-SAP-installation experience
-Experience DB2, AIX, Linux- underlying infrastructure we use.
-Someone who has a lot of SAP basis experience.
-They need to understand the infrastructure and how the bases components affect those, so when we make changes, they have to understand the impacts to other areas.
-Installation experience is better than having ran the system. Installed the database, installed the operating system, and stood up the system.
-Audit SOX, PII- experience with this. WE have to audit our own internal people. Don't have to have compliance piece of it, but need to understand the SAP audit process.
Required Education BA/BS degree or equivalent experience
Additional Information Position can sit in Burbank or Orlando. Please specify this when submitting candidates. This individuals is responsible for the application cross component and where they meet the infrastructure. Experience with Linux, servers, SAP, Security, storage is important because they are responsible for the application cross components and must know how to install the application and ensure its running correctly. For example, when we take the system offline for VM patching, we hand it over to the infrastructure group, patch is applied, then turned back over to this group and the application is brought back online and ensure it is working correctly, i.e. talking to all systems, ensure there are no networking issues as well as monitor the system to ensure the changes took and don't affect or conflict with other systems. In addition, they need to be able to trouble shoot issues and ensure we have enough CPU or do we need to add storage. Additional duties will be drafting up proposals based on requests. A certain group make request additional functionality and this person will need to analyze what is being asked for and how it will affect other systems. Ensure that these change are in compliance with PII and SOX regulations. As simple as it we could be adding a CHECK PRINTER to the system and we have to make sure that it talks to all the appropriate systems. They have to know what the business is asking and be able to understand the requirements and what it does to the system as a whole. A recent change this group made was when people update personal information in SAP (address, bank accounts etc) the system will send out an email to that individuals to validate if they in fact requested the change. This is one of many examples of what this group does.