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Hardware Testing
Ref No.: 18-10741
Location: Brea, California
Start Date: 02/22/2018
Job Description: Embedded hardware tester
Location: Brea CA
Duration: long term

Detailed Job Description and key skills are highlighted in yellow:

· Strong Competency in C.

· Competency in at least one Assembly Language.

· Familiarity with U-Boot (from a developer perspective).

· Strong competency with Linux software development.

· Strong Familiarity with Linux device Drivers.

· Strong understanding of I2C, SPI, and MDIO.

· Fair understanding of digital electronics.

· Ability to read and understand circuit schematics.

· Ability to effectively use a Volt/Ohm meter and an Oscilloscope.

· Ability to effectively use a Logic analyzer.

· Ability to perform at least basic electronics debugging/troubleshooting.

· A good understanding of microprocessor internals (mostly the registers).

· An understanding of memory regions, and their uses (heap, stack, IVT, code).

· Working knowledge of hexadecimal numbers and hexadecimal math.

· Excellent knowledge of what interrupts are and how they work in code.

· An understanding of the different kinds of memory (RAM, ROM, Flash), the differences between them and how they are read, written, accessed.

· Ability to use a debugger to perform at least simple operations such as setting breakpoints, single stepping, examining variable values, examining memory, examining registers - and understanding the when to enable and disable interrupts when single stepping using a debugger.

· Ability to debug multi-tasking code.

· The ability to read and understand datasheets, and produce driver code for a given device based on the information contained in its datasheet.

· How to develop and debug code for peripherals such as UARTs, A/D & D/A converters, timers, PWM generation from a timer, real-time clocks, etc.

· A good understanding of DMA (Direct Memory Access), and how to implement it for systems which have DMA capability.