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Fed - Consultant II
Ref No.: 17-84142
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Start Date: 10/25/2017
Job Title: Fed - Consultant II
Location: Washington, DC
Duration: 6-12 months
Position Details: *** Client Investigation Required Public Trust / Requires paralegal certificate ***

Role; Paralegal

Requires paralegal certificate. An equivalent level of legal training may be substituted with the approval of the COR. At least one year of litigation paralegal experience required; trial experience very helpful. Automated litigation support experience valued. Must have basic legal knowledge, including knowledge of standard legal citation to cite check legal motions and memorandum and must have sufficient experience with legal research tools such as LEXIS and Westlaw to perform basic legal research. Requires excellent written and oral communication skills, thorough knowledge and hands-on familiarity with a variety of computer applications, including word processing, databases (such as document review and file management systems), spreadsheets, imaging, and hardware systems. Role also requires basic familiarity with Client tools and knowledge of e-discovery procedures and resources. Ability to consistently deliver highest quality work under extreme pressure will be very important.

Working with attorneys and staff at the various divisions within the Department of Justice (DOJ) in daily paralegal efforts.

Paralegals are generally assigned to support an attorney, or teams of attorneys. The specific tasks for each case will vary based on the nature of the case and attorneys, but certain requirements will be common to all.
Generally paralegals will be tasked with managing the digital files and maintaining the shared drive folder. This can include maintaining files for pleadings, select correspondence (the attorneys are generally responsible for maintain their own e-mail files), key documents, discovery materials, witness materials, and other miscellaneous digital files related to the case. These tasks will continue and evolve throughout the case, from initial gathering of documents from the agency/opposing party, discovery, and up through and including trial preparation and trial support.
A candidate will also need to be able to assist in cite-checking/blue-booking briefs, both for their assigned large cases, and generally as needed throughout the office. Familiarity with major legal research websites is a plus, and the ability to perform basic legal research is a strong plus. Attention to detail and general familiarity with legal drafting (i.e. the ability to write clearly and concisely, and cite relevant authority) also needed.
(a) Responsibilities/Duties. Performs the following tasks while complying with established procedures: compiles, prepares, and summarizes relevant materials for use by attorneys in discovery and in preparation of motions, briefs and other legal documents; summarizes depositions and other transcripts; maintains case files; performs simple legal research; indexes, tracks and controls document discovery (including documents produced and received in discovery); indexes, tracks and exhibits and other materials at depositions and at trial. Prepares exhibit cross-references. May assists attorneys in courtroom. Reviews documents for relevance and privilege according to established guidelines and criteria. Other examples of the types of work to be performed include compilation of documents for FOIA, production requests, Congressional inquiries, etc.

Desire resumes as soon as possible.
Need original resume in original formatting as created by the candidate.
Need writing sample.
Required Skills: Paralegals, years of Experience