L3 AIX Administration
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L3 AIX Administration
Ref No.: 18-44164
Location: San Diego, California
Start Date: 08/09/2018
Job Description / Responsibility:

Should have around 7+ years of Unix Experience with 5+ years of demonstrated experience and proficiency in managing and maintaining AIX, will be responsible for:

Install and configure AIX operating systems and servers.
Support AIX OS to run various software applications.
Maintain and upgrade the AIX OS.
Install and test AIX OS patches.
Develop procedures for AIX security and management.
Update standard policies according to environment changes and audit results.
Develop performance improvement initiatives for AIX system environment.
Identify and resolve system issues in a timely manner.
Plan and coordinate the installation, testing, and maintenance of AIX systems software and related hardware.
Plan and execute AIX projects within approved timelines.
Analyze software and hardware environments to determine any system defects.
Maintain documentation of AIX hardware and software components and user and operator procedures.
Develop data backups and retrieval techniques in case of failure, redundancy, etc.
Detect and troubleshoot system operational and functional issues.
Perform performance maintenance routines to ensure continuous system availability.
Develop and implement disaster recovery procedures to ensure business continuity.
Hands-on deployment for the Linux based - Application mostly done remotely on LAB, Development & Production environment. In depth, experience of Linux RHEL 6, 7, and AIX – 6.1 and 7.1.
Experience on AIX 5.3 ,6.1 and 7.1 with concepts like NIM, LVM, OS Upgrade, Client & TL Upgradation, Patch Installation, MPIO,
Installation, Problem Diagnosing and Hardware Troubleshooting of IBM Power 5, Power 6 & Power 7 Based Servers.
Backup and Recovery of File systems.
Migrating AIX Frame to new AIX Hardware . Identifying Hardware & Software License requirement for AIX.
Prepare Test Plan and execute Cluster Failover tests.
Handle highly escalated technical issues.
Prepare BCP plan and execute the same.
Backup/Restoration of rootvg & datavg management.
Implementation and maintenance of a multi-tier fully redundant PRD, DR, DEV, UAT servers and diagnostic analysis of critical system failure
Finding & documenting root cause analysis.
Implementation of hardening mechanism.