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Journey Lab Performance Management
Ref No.: 18-34213
Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 06/13/2018

Journey Lab Performance Management
Analysts assigned to a Client Experience Journey Lab need to have a particular set of competencies that will affect their performance in the lab. A Rubric for success has been developed to help assess the performance for the measurement role. Fortunately, all of these competencies map well to the seven key competencies that have been developed for Vanguard. This document will help map the journey lab rubric to the Vanguard key competencies.

Journey Labs - Measurement Role Rubric
Role Competency Crawl Walk Run
Core Agility Mindset
  • Team members "do their work” and are not empowered to contribute to the journey vision
  • Limited experimentation mindset present on teams
  • Team members contribute to the journey vision at major milestones (e.g. quarterly)
  • Experiments take place irregularly for high-risk decision points
  • All team members regularly engage on the journey vision
  • Experiments are always taking place from design to technology with excitement from the leadership team
Measurement Analyst Analytic Problem Solver
  • Builds key metrics and baseline based on collected data
  • Limited capacity to provide business insights from data
  • Analyzes data and provides business insights on baseline and MVP results
  • Limited capacity to look for potential solutions
  • Analyzes data, applied advanced analytics and provides business insights on baseline and current MVP
  • High capacity to proactively size business opportunities and potential improvements
Stakeholder Communicator
  • Handles external requirements as they arrive
  • Waits for journey owner to ask for external resources to bridge potential gaps
  • Manages external requirements to decrease team workload
  • Proactively seeks external help but waiting for the journey owner to manager first contact
  • Actively manages external requirements to certify they generate value
  • Proactively and personally reaches external stakeholders to close measurement and analytics gaps without team help
Engaged Communicator
  • Communicates data results as they are
  • Waits for team members to require information
  • Communicates data results in terms of business insights
  • Actively provides information but does not engage in lab decisions
  • Communicates data results in terms of business insights, emphasizing the "so what "
  • Engages in lab decision making, being able to push back and propose initiatives based in data