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Vmware Admin
Ref No.: 18-75023
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Start Date: 10/10/2018

AHV Requirements
1. Understand Nutanix Architecture
? How do clusters interact
? How does Prism Central (PC) tie in to Prism Element (PE)
? How do other functions work with AHV (Obelix, Extract, Micro-Segmentation….etc)
? Replication/Data Protection constraints
? Licensing capabilities (Pro license versus Ultimate), how to license clusters & PC
? Understand what happens when node fails to Storage, compute
? Understand what controls the environment/cluster
2. Build/provision nodes and blocks running the AHV Hypervisor and AOS software
? Create dedicated management VLANs for CVMs, and Hypervisors
? Utilize Foundation for hands on provisioning
? Utilizing IPMI for remote provisioning
? Setup DNS, SMTP & NTP
3. Build Cluster from scratch
? Know the minimum requirements to start a cluster
? Know the network requirements/best practices
4. Knowledge on how to destroy a cluster
5. How to upgrade Cluster both AHV version and AOS version
? What order do you upgrade?
? Upgrade Foundation
? Upgrade NCC
? What impacts do you have during upgrade?
? Can you roll back upgrade in event of failure?
6. How to upgrade Prism Central
7. Run periodic Cluster Checks (NCC) ensuring cluster stability
8. Ability to expand or reduce cluster size without impact to current environment
9. Ability to place a node into Maintenance Mode
10. Determine critical warnings/errors from non-critical ones (Cassandra, hades, prism, stargate)
11. Provision new VMs inside of AHV
? Create Master template (Baseline VM)
? Maintain Template with updates
? Understand "templates” are not used in AHV as in ESX