Previous Job
System Engineer
Ref No.: 18-70080
Location: Milpitas, California
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 5 Years
Start Date: 10/08/2018
Golden Image creation, back up for server systems and IPCs
Good knowledge of Semiconductor wafer defect inspection principles and theory
Idea on the different types of equipment used for semiconductor defect inspection – Patterned / Non Patterned inspection tools.
Hands on experience is testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting Electrical, Optical and Robotic sub systems related to Semiconductor wafer inspection tool.
Measurement of Lissajous curves in XY Mode using oscilloscope, Troubleshooting LVDT Sensor circuits, ECS Sensor modules and Encoder sensor subsystems with oscilloscope
Knowledge of Yaskawa or Kawasaki robot hander and teach pendant usage
Ability to troubleshoot electrical systems related to TDI Modules and CCD Sensors in BBP systems.
Troubleshooting Optical subsystems related to the tool involving changing objective shims, autofocus errors related to optics and stage.
Stage related troubleshooting involving measurement of vacuum sensors and circuits, stage levelling and health checks.
Ability to do upgrades at customer locations and troubleshoot, diagnose and fix issues related to the upgrades.
Calibration of the tool and running diagnostics Health check for the tool.
Wafer Recipe creation and the ability to run the test cases for different recipes.
Analysis of test logs, error logs and event managers for errors