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API Designers
Ref No.: 18-69883
Location: Irving, Texas
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Experience Level: 5 Years
Start Date: 09/22/2018
Role: API Designers
Location: Irving, TX
Duration: Full Time (Permanent)

Need Candidates with strong API Knowledge in API Designing

Has at least 5+ years of experience in designing RESTful API's and managing API life cycle preferably in the financial domain.
Works closely with business and product owners in understanding business domain and defining API catalogue.
Involved in modeling information sources, flows and critical paths, as well as understanding how information is turned into knowledge and the relationship of knowledge and how it supports and enables key business processes. Facilitates the development of supporting knowledge architecture and standards.

• Understand and contribute to the maturity and development of the Bank's API offering. Define and strategize API Design & API Management. These include API Governance, API Lifecycle Management, API Promotion, API Security, API versioning, and API virtualization.
• Drive standardization by designing and defining the Bank's canonical data model (JSON based) for REST API.
• Define web API service architecture for internal & external / mobile systems.
• Conduct standard review REST API interfaces/contracts for development teams.
• Provide a SME support in design activities for web service and integration solutions.
• Design Rest API and security implementation architecture based on project requirements
• Perform administration of an SOA Governance and API Management platform.
• Report usage/operating status of an SOA registry and repository to a manager.
• Monitor logs/availability and take proactive actions as needed.
• Guide and assist developers in web service asset management.
• Train developers on use of API Management tool.
• Provide input into design and development of new or enhancement of existing interfaces to ensure their maintainability from the perspective of API offering.
• Strong analytical skills.
• Programming knowledge of RDBMS and high level knowledge of REST API implementation.