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Lab Server Admin
Ref No.: 18-63294
Location: Houston, Texas
Start Date: 08/29/2018
Maintains operation of lab servers used by members of local and remote development and test teams.  Receives and installs new server and server option hardware and maintains lab hardware inventory.  Troubleshoots hardware failures and resolves server remote access issues.
  • Receives new lab hardware including HPE ProLiant servers, server options, network switches, and hard drives.
  • Maintains hardware inventory for equipment received and equipment in use.
  • Installs servers, PDUs, networking equipment and cabling into racks.
  • Installs supported operating systems including Windows, Linux, and VMware.
  • Maintains and updates server system ROMs, drivers, firmware, and other software to support servers and server options.
  • Troubleshoots hardware failures and server accessibility issues.
  • Ensures lab work environment and work spaces are kept clean and orderly, and lab equipment and hardware is stored in an organized, proper manner and is easy to locate.
Education and Experience
  • Computer Operations or Computer Hardware background
  • Minimum 2 years' of lab administration experience
Knowledge and Skills
  • Ability to install server hardware, PDUs, serial concentrators, and network equipment and cabling into racks.
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills for resolving hardware issues.
  • Working knowledge of storage technologies such as SCSI, SAS, SATA, & RAID.
  • Ability to install and maintain Windows, Linux, and VMware operating systems.
  • Experience with setting up and using x86 Server hardware, Smart RAID controllers, and Server MGMT controller.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.