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Kernel/System programming
Ref No.: 18-61616
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 08/23/2018
1.    Design, develop, debug and measure performance of software module in Linux both Kernel and user space.
2.    Understanding of pipeline model of Core/unCore (Fetch, OoO, Exe, Retire) part of IA processor.
3.    Exposure/Idea about Client ucode and system code bug fixing and profiling.
4.    Exposure on KVM/Hypervisor modules.
5.    Exposure on Linux network stack internal, batching, NAPI etc.
6.    Kernel/System programming, low level driver analysis and coding.
7.    Good exposure on Linux scheduler and device model internals.
8.    Experience on Kernel debug IA/x86_64 architecture.
9.    Good knowledge on GDB, Trace32/Lauterbach, shell scripting
10. Handle system complex issues synchronization, memory barrier etc.
11. Perform system and software analysis (CPU, BUS, memory, NIC, Linux kernel etc) using Specialized tools oprofile, perf, ftrace etc.
12. Analysis and Monitor network traffic and perform protocol stack analysis.
13. Install and configure Virtual Machine, containers, VNF etc.
14. Setup and configure Server Blades, rack, switches and install network adaptor and kernel modules.
15. Prepare Technical documents and presentation materials for internal communication.
[Programming Skills] :
    1. Strong "C" programming/Embedded programming.
    2. Assembly programming.
    3. Shell Scripting.
    4. Python.