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Supply Chain Manager- Oracle LogFire
Ref No.: 18-60544
Location: Glenview, Illinois
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 08/21/2018
8 years of experience with: Must have logfrie experience.

1. LogFire WMS Outbound flow
2. Requirement gathering with business team.
3. Building interface layer with Atlas system, such that LogFire WMS receives orders in the format recognized by the system.
4. Data migration (Location and item master) to the LogFire WMS system
5. Building interface layer with Oracle system, such that LogFire WMS receives the Inventory update message and updates the system.
· The scope of the POC involves developing single inventory synch interface (receiving and put away)
6. Configuration of WMS, development Testing
· WMS outbound flow (Happy Path Scenario) (Order fulfilment which involves full case pulling as well as picking partials from the line location through replenishment generated by wave)

It involves following in WMS: -
  • Configuring Order Types
  • Configuring the wave template
1. Configuring Wave Search Template
2. Allocation Mode
3. Task Creation Template
4. Allocation Method
  • Configuration of Replenishment
1. Setting up locations for replenishment
2. Setting up replenishment rules
3. Setting up task templates
4. Creating a Replenishment Template
Ø - Configuring and testing the interface with FedEx.
Ø - Configuration and testing of Printers for the generation of base shipping labels.

7. WMS Outbound flow execution would happen through RF directed picking and packing.
8. End to End Testing
9. Class Room Pilot
10. OOTB Reporting