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Data Scientist
Ref No.: 18-56442
Location: Edison, New Jersey
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Start Date: 08/07/2018
 Data Scientist
Bradenton, FL

Technical/Functional Skills
Advanced SQL skills and is comfortable operating with relational data models and structure. 
•               Advanced skills with NoSQL databases and can interact with large amounts of data stored in a Hadoop environment. 
•               Is capable of accessing data via a variety of API/RESTful services.
•               Advanced programming skills in either R, Python, or similar analytical language.
•               Intermediate knowledge of Linux and Bash.  Can interact with the OS at the command line and create shell scripts to automate workflows. 
•               Experience with state of the art techniques such as AI and Deep Learning.  
•               Advanced knowledge of Apache Spark. 
•               Intermediate knowledge of cloud environments such as AWS and Azure.
•               Intermediate understanding of software development and collaboration, including experience with tools such as Git.
•               Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, comfortable presenting in front of large audiences. 
•               A basic understanding of Agile methodologies and continuous delivery. 
•               Excellent data visualization skills, is able to determine the appropriate visualization for a variety of data types and create compelling stories with data.
•               An advanced understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques including; variable selection, feature engineering, model generation, model diagnostics, and deployment. 
•               Excellent statistical skills that are grounded in a thorough understanding of testing and frequentist/Bayesian methodologies.
•               A proven track record of leading successful projects and driving measurable, viable results using Data Science techniques. 
Roles & Responsibilities
Accesses data from a variety of sources, including RDMS, NoSQL, or API. 
•               Performs data aggregations, joins, manipulations, and cleaning to ensure data integrity throughout the entire analytical process. 
•               Applies supervised and unsupervised modeling techniques to data to generate predictions and uncover patterns. 
•               Develops hypothesis statements and applies statistical testing to determine causality and generalize observations.
Solves problems by applying a variety of predictive modeling/machine learning/deep learning techniques. 
•               Maintains a comprehensive understanding of the current analytical landscape, including emergent technologies and methods. 
•               Works closely with the Data Engineering and Product teams to ensure the successful completion of projects.
•               Decomposes problem statements into specific deliverables and requirements. 
•               Supports the Product Owners in developing sprint goals and roadmaps.
•               Continuously scans the Data Science landscape for recent developments and opportunities to ingrate new methodologies into the existing project portfolio.
•               Creates presentations and delivers results to colleagues, stakeholders and executive leadership.
•               Leads peer review sessions and collaborative exercises to build the team's overall analytical capability.
•               Thoroughly understands Foot Locker's retail business model and can seamlessly connect data, context, and analytical solutions.  
•               Mentors junior team members and provides constructive critique on specific projects.