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Ref No.: 18-50959
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 07/19/2018
 .       Is expected to participate in the design and build of the first environment, which will be identical to Production.
2.       Can apply Oracle best practices to the design, build, configuration, tuning of the infrastructure. The team at TD will have training on the product as well, but they don't have the chance/time to make several iterations of building the environment, so  2nd/3rd level knowledge transfer will help us to build the kind of solid infrastructure that the bank will expect.
3.       Has experience in designing and building highly-available, massive OUD deployments, using scripting frameworks to facilitate the build.
4.       Is a Subject Matter Expert on the optimization of the OUD to match the performance characteristics and expected load, which TD can provide.
5.       Is expected to protect the project timeline by providing expedited access to Oracle knowledgebase/support resources for problems that can easily grind the project to a halt, when going through the standard support process.
6.       Able to lead the team through the migration phases in the test environment. The "DSEE to OUD" migration is documented as being straightforward but it is seen as one of the higher-risk phases of the project. Any unexpected (not easily-resolvable) issues can easily affect the project timeline or the application availability significantly.