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Senior HR Systems Analyst
Ref No.: 18-47667
Location: Plano, Texas
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 07/09/2018
The Sr HR Systems Analyst will be involved in the development, testing, maintenance, administration, and upgrading of HR-related systems/applications utilized by the organization.  In conjunction with the
Sr Manager HR Systems, this role will work closely with the various end-user customers, the IT teams, the third-party managed support services, external vendors, and consulting partners to help meet business needs and ensure a high level of HR systems service.
Key Roles & Responsibilities:
Provide support for the ongoing maintenance and administration of clients HR-related systems to ensure consistency in data, processing, and reporting for HR, benefits, payroll, and labor tracking functionality. 
Set up, test, document, audit, and maintain configurations in the various instances of the HR systems (dev, test, and prod) required to support ongoing systems performance, changes in business policies and procedures, changes in regulatory compliance, and/or to implement new functionality.
Collaborate with end-users, At Home IT teams, managed services, external vendors, auditors, etc. to:
identity/resolve system issues timely and effectively;
identity additional functionality needed; conduct needs assessments and business analysis;
document specific business requirements; design, test, and support implement system functionality.
Identify and evaluate production issues due to missing, inaccurate, and/or incomplete data.
Determine, document, and complete appropriate corrective actions as needed. Regularly monitor and audit system data for completeness and accuracy.  Recommend additional procedures and controls as needed for improved data integrity within and across systems.
Research and resolve other identified or reported production issues (e.g., incorrect system processing or inadequate business procedures, etc.).  Identify root cause(s) of problem.  Design, test, and recommend/implement best-practice solutions as needed.  When necessary, escalate issue to manager and next-level functional/technical teams for further research.  Follow through with next-level support until issue has been resolved.
Design, generate, and support HR data/information requests, reports and statistical summaries. 
Provide ad hoc and recurring reporting to authorized end-users and customer groups as needed. 
Monitor system notifications and exception reporting and perform established corrective actions.
Design, document, and conduct training for end-users on currently supported or new system functionality and reporting.
Assist Sr Manager HR Systems with the monitoring and maintenance of data security and user accesses across multiple systems to ensure compliance with SOX and other regulations.
Assist Sr Manager HR Systems with the implementation of system upgrades and new HR technologies.
Assist and provide support for other HR systems-related projects as needed.