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Teamcenter Admin
Ref No.: 18-46596
Location: Lisle, Illinois
Start Date: 07/05/2018
·                       Familiar with Teamcenter 11.2 or 11.3 and has performed an upgrade to Teamcenter 11.x already
·                       Understands BMIDE and can help update Teamcenter Engineering objects to current best practices
·                       Has experience with workflows and the Change Management module
·                       Experience with implementing the Change Management module in Teamcenter version 9 and later is preferred
·                       Has experience with integrations to other systems/applications
·                       Should be aware of how data can come in and out of Teamcenter and be able to make a recommendation when presented with options or requests
·                       Knowledge or experience with Navistar systems is not needed
·                       Has experience with Teamcenter Multisite
·                       Has experience with Vismockup integration with Teamcenter
·                       Has experience with BCT aClass and Geolus
·                       Should know how to remove I-deas from an existing instance
·                       Has experience with 3D PDF generation using Anark
·                       Has experience with Active Workspace configuration and installation
·                       Experience with NX integration
·                       Experience with Dispatcher
·                       Basic knowledge of Teamcenter customizations such as ITK, RAC, and SOA
·                       Experience with FMS configuration
·                       Experience setting up 4-tier in high latency, low bandwidth environments
·                       Experience with Teamcenter archiving strategies