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Agile Coach
Ref No.: 18-32369
Location: Dallas, Texas
Start Date: 05/09/2018
Role: Agile Coach
Location: Dallas TX
Position Type – C2H

Who are we looking for?
Roles and Responsibilities:
1.Facilitator: Facilitate the team with the knowledge so that team can start the project.

2.Trainer: Provide training to the team on the agile process; training will continue all the time during the project execution on agile and continuous improvement on velocity, quality, processes etc.
3.Help in preparing the overall planning of the project that means he will work as a consultant. He will provide various ideas, suggestions, strategies.
4.Make sure that team is following agile processes in each sprint at user story level as per the Definition of Done (DoD); However, this is the responsibility of the Process Check Master but if project does not have a role of process check master, this activity should be handled by the agile coach.
5.Help team to answer all the questions on the agile process during the project execution; that means agile coach need to be on the ground so that he can answer the questions immediately.
6.Identify project risks and raise them immediately
7.Make the winning strategy according to the ground conditions
8.Mentor: Focusing on people and Continuous Improvement all the time; provide team a platform for improvement not only during the retro but all the time. Create a safe environment for healthy conflict and meaningful collaboration.
9.Identify process issues and improve them
10.Help product owner to write user stories
11.Help team on the estimating of the user stories and prepare them for the same
12.Help scrum master to plan meetings like
3.daily scrum,
4.Review & Retrospective
13.Provide capacity calculator template for the team
14.Provide the common tasking codes for the team for better tracking on technical front