Ref No.: 18-24310
Location: Orange County, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 04/10/2018
 Enterprise Architect will be expected to function as the Lead Developer after the initial documentation/design phases using technologies in the .NET area and others listed below.
-Please do not submit candidates that are not willing/able to code proficiently with these technologies.
-Please only submit candidates that currently reside or have some priority to work within commutable distance to the client address.
Responsibilities include design, document, build, and test a custom developed web-based application based on internal business rules and adhering to the NFIRS 5.0 standard.  The user interface and user experience has already been developed and the ET will be expected to develop a solution that implements the user interface design.  The ET will work in tandem with in-house and external developers to develop the approved documented solution.  The ET should be familiar with Agile methodologies and be able assist OCFA's Project Manager in breaking down the architecture into manageable sprints.  The ET works closely with leadership teams to understand their needs and ensure the best solution is architected. The ET along with development team will develop and prove out the architected solution.  The ET leads key architectural design projects as necessary.  The ET should have had prior experience architecting and coding using Microsoft technologies including .NET, C#, MSSQL.  Other technologies the ET should be well-trained include HTML/HTML5, various JavaScript libraries such as Bootstrap and jQuery.
Roles and Responsibilities:
• Architects in this position have achieved a mastery level of experience that includes the capabilities of experienced Application Developers and Technical Specialists who have the knowledge, skills, education and prior experience that involves the full and complete design of  software solutions.
• Architects are able to clearly communicate and document designs both at a logical and physical level and work with other technical stakeholders as needed. 
Other skills needed will be:
-responsive design application development -Enterprise Records Management systems -3-tier design and development -MS-SQL Database Design -C# -JavaScript Libraries -HTML -Bootstrap (nice to have)