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Medical Assistant - Contract
Ref No.: 24-99988
Location: New York, New York
Start Date / End Date: 07/08/2024 to 09/07/2024

1. Fulfills patient care responsibilities as assigned which may include: performing venipuncture and/or EKGs, checking schedules and organizing patient flow; accompanying patients to exam/procedure room, assisting patients as needed with walking, transferring and dressing, as well as collecting and processing specimens and point of care testing, preparing for exam, etc. Assists physicians with various procedures, takes vital signs, relays instructions to patients and or families; answers calls and provides pertinent information.
Level of Physical Activity Required: 0 Light 0 Moderate 1 Heavy

Describe Work Environment
General Office Environment
Heavy lifting may be required.
Strenuous Physical Activity (e.g., frequent and sustained lifting, carrying, etc.)
2. Fulfills clerical responsibilities as assigned which may include: sending and receiving patient medical records; obtaining lab/x-ray reports, hospital notes, referral information, etc. Completing forms and requisitions as needed, managing charts to ensure information is completed and filed appropriately. These responsibilities may be carried out using the electronic medical record (EMR) system or manually as necessary.
3. Enters orders into the electronic medical record (EMR) system or prepares prescription refill requests on behalf of the physician for the review and approval by the ordering physician.
4. Inventories, orders or re-stocks medical supplies as applicable.
5. Provides set-up of examination room and instruments in accordance with proper sterilization techniques established by hospital and infection control policies.
6. Maintains logging system as required for refrigeration of medications, point of care testing, sterilization process, crash cart, point of care testing or others as needed.
7. Checks expiration dates on all medications and medical supplies disposing appropriately as per institution policy.
8. Maintains a safe, secure, and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures; complies with legal regulations.
9. Complies with established personal protective equipment requirements necessary for protection against exposure to blood and other potentially infections body fluids, chemical disinfectants, radiation and other hazardous substances.
10. Assists in the maintenance of medical charts (filing, Op Reports, test results, home care forms).
11. May schedule surgeries/procedures or work in conjunction with Surgical Coordinator verifying times with patients; preparing charts, pre-admissions and consent forms as necessary.
12. May be required to perform proficient phlebotomy duties.
13. May perform appointment scheduling and registration for patients as well as updating patient demographic and insurance information.
14. May maintain, adjust and confirm patient office schedule.
15. May check and verify and update insurance information utilizing internal or web sources.
16. May perform and verify pre-certification for procedures as necessary.
17. Performs other duties as assigned.


Computer Skills __________________
MS Office Suite (please check one): 1 (basic) 0 (intermediate) 0 (advanced)

General Skills and Competencies

1. Ability to communicate effectively with multicultural and language-deficit patients
2. Effective interpersonal and communications skills required
3. Excellent telephone etiquette
4. Proficient in medical terminology and HIPAA guidelines
5. Knowledge of electronic medical record or billing systems preferred, but not required.
6. Must be able to adapt to a growing and changing environment