Ref No.: 23-59196
Location: Taunton, Massachusetts
Start Date: 05/23/2023
Job Title: Medical NP
Location: Taunton MA
Duration: 3 months
Shift: Day Shift

Objectives of this role

  • Demonstrate scientific knowledge, sound judgment, and technical skill while ensuring that care plans, medical regimens, and hospital procedures are enacted
  • Leverage clinical expertise to care for a broad and complex patient population, including primary care assessments, diagnoses, evidence-based treatments, and clinical monitoring
  • Provide continuous, comprehensive nursing and medical care, including preventive and supportive healthcare services, to patients and their families
  • Provide education, guidance, and direction to nursing staff and other members of the healthcare team to ensure that quality and safe care are delivered
  • Adhere to organizational standards, policies, and procedures, in addition to legal regulations


  • Perform comprehensive assessments of new patients prior to decisions about their treatment
  • Manage patient access to both scheduled and non-emergent unscheduled visits to ensure availability and continuity of care
  • Formulate differential diagnoses and care plans based on medical history, physical exams, and nursing assessments
  • Order, conduct, and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests
  • Identify and prescribe appropriate pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions and therapies
  • Consult with physicians and other healthcare providers in the evaluation of medical screenings

Required skills and qualifications

  • Master's of science in nursing (or equivalent) from an accredited nurse practitioner program
  • Certified registered nurse practitioner (CRNP) license or equivalent
  • Advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) certification or equivalent
  • Advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) or equivalent clinical leadership experience
  • Prescriptive authority, as required
  • Basic life support (BLS) certification or equivalent

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • At least two years of experience in a specialty practice area
  • Experience with EHR (electronic health records)