Ref No.: 22-33147
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
This position supports client's Mission by performing routine work in assigned areas that are usually repetitive, requiring limited analysis and use of individual judgement. This position is closely supervised with an exciting opportunity for you tbuild your career with client
Coating: Specific duties include clipping, operating the coating machines and inspecting the lenses.
Finishing: beveling, mounting the lenses, edging, blocking lenses, tinting and inspecting.
Surfacing: taping and blocking the lenses, generating, polishing and lens washing.

In particular, you can expect to:

§ Coating:
  • Clipper: Clip and secure lenses intbaskets tbegin the coating process.
  • Machine Operator: Prepare and operate the coating machine tcoat the lenses properly.
§ Load machine chemicals

§ Load and unload sectors with lenses
  • Inspector: Inspect lenses tensure that they are optically and cosmetically accurate.

§ Finishing:
  • Beveler: Utilize the bevel wheel tremove the sharp edges of the lens.
  • Mounter: Accurately apply drill holes tthe lenses tensure proper fit and alignment of the lenses and insert lenses intthe frame while ensuring proper fit.
  • Edger Operator: Operate a variety of edging machines tcut lenses down tproper size and shape tfit the appropriate frame.
  • Finish Layout: prepare an uncut lens for the edging process by outlining the center/alignment markings and affixing the chuck/block.
  • Tinter: Accurately tint all lenses going through the tinting department.
  • Inspection: Inspect lenses and frames tensure that they are optically and cosmetically accurate.

§ Surfacing:
  • Surfacing Blocker: Utilize the blocking machine taccurately secure a block tall lenses going through the surfacing department. Operate taping equipment tapply protective tape tthe front of the lenses.
  • Generator Operator: Operate the generator machine used tcut the lenses tthe correct prescription.
  • Surface Finer/Polisher: Operate the equipment used tfine and polish all lenses going through the surfacing department.
  • Lens Washer: Hand wash and dry lenses followed by a brief cosmetic inspection of the lenses. Grasp lens with de-blocking cup and strike against table tremove block from lenses. Remove tape from lenses.

In particular, you will have the following accountabilities:
  • Engagement
  • Mission
  • Participate in Stand-up Meetings
  • Provide feedback tsupervisors and coworkers (Communication)
  • Quality Right the First Time
  • Best Practice sharing
  • Stop the Line fully implemented
  • Customer Feedback process
  • Clean, Standardize, Audit and Approve
  • 5s
  • Workstations Optimized
  • Work cell led improvements
  • Red/Green Board Monitoring
  • Flow and Balance
  • Small batch flow
  • Pull System
  • Launch Criteria
  • Balance Flow
  • FIFO

Tbe successful, you will need:
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • High mechanical aptitude
  • Ability tread/write and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos.
  • Ability tcommunicate effectively in a team environment.
  • Working in a role with measurable standards and a dynamic production environment.
  • Depth perception and manual dexterity.
  • Ability twork overtime as needed.
  • Previous experience in an optical lab production environment is strongly preferred but not required.

Physical demands you will expect in your work environment:
  • Regularly stand/walk for the duration of shift.
  • Consistently lift and move up t15lb above shoulder height and waist high unaccompanied.
  • The noise level in the laboratory is generally moderate.
  • Regularly required twork with or around chemicals.
  • Work area may be wet/dirty and or have a strong smell.