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Peer Advocacy Services
Ref No.: 24-81703
Location: Albany, New York
Start Date / End Date: 08/01/2024 to 07/31/2025
A Youth Peer Advocate (YPA) working for the Office of Mental Health is a person who self-identifies as a person with first-hand experience with a social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges as a young person or has received mental health services as a youth. YPAs use their lived experience to promote resiliency, recovery, wellness, and self-efficacy in young people and promote the practice of youth-guided and familydriven approaches. Illustrative Duties:  Works with patients and families to: o Promotes resiliency, recovery, wellness, and self-efficacy in young people and promote the practice of youth-guided and family-driven approaches. o Provides a voice to ensure that children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges and their families have access to needed information, supports and services. o Empowers patients to reach their full potential, without the fear of stigma.  Helps youth with developing the skills needed to independently navigate the various service systems.  Assists patients in understanding components of recovery and resiliency and in applying skills to achieve life goals.  Provides individualized direct support to peers according to that person's plan by supporting the individual's choice and building confidence, leading to a greater degree of independence.  Mentors young people experiencing challenges including those related to mental health, crisis, education, employment, and interpersonal skills. Page 2 of 8  Provides youth with the skills needed to cope with and manage their psychiatric symptoms, traumatic experiences, issues related to their substance use disorders, and any other life experiences that they may be enduring.  Provide mutual support, hope, reassurance, and advocacy that includes the sharing of one's own "personal recovery/resiliency story ".  Helps patients understand why they should be an active participant in the development of their care and treatment. Ensures that youth understand their treatment plan, as well as help to ensure that plan is person and family centered.  Serve as an advocate, mentor, and/or facilitator for the resolution of concerns and/or issues.  Documents all services provided both timely and accurately. Facility Requirements:  Complete all facility processing which includes but is not limited to: o Complete processing through facility HR dept. o Complete all necessary employment checks (including criminal background checks, reference checks, Statewide Child Abuse Registry List ( "SCR”), etc.). o Complete facility orientation. o Physical screening including screening form, PPD, titers, COVID vaccination, etc.  Complies with Sagamore Children's Psychiatric Center's policies and procedures, standards, rules and regulations, code of conduct, safety rules, etc.

Qualifications, Licenses, Permits: The YPA will possess all qualifications, to perform the work in the specification and comply with all state and local regulations governing the work to be performed. The applicant must either have completed the YPA credentialling process or be willing to complete the provisional YPA credential within 3 months of hire.

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