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Sr. System Administrator
Ref No.: 17-00012
Location: Orlando, Florida
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 02/20/2017 to 02/01/2018
Sr. Systems Administrator Linux/Windows Server/VMware to join our team in Orlando, FL.

This resource is neeed to help manage the Virtual Machine (and some physical) servers for the Energy Management System (EMS) and Water Production (WPRO) plants. The time will be split between EMS and WPRO work each week.

Position Functions or Responsibilities
- Evaluate and create Visio (& PDF) diagrams of the current EMS and WPRO server environments;
- Coordinate with EMS and WPRO staff to plan and establish regular server patching schedules (e.g., dev/test first, followed by production, every month after 7 pm, ...);
- Submit change management / Request for Change (RFC) requests to the IT Change Management Committee every two weeks, or more frequently, if needed;
- Participate in scheduled IT Change Management meetings if an RFC has been submitted;
- Coordinate with the EMS, WPRO, and IT Network engineers, as needed.
- Apply Windows Server and Linux operating system (OS) patches on a monthly basis (critical and security patches, at a minimum);
- Upgrade server OSs as needed on a planned and scheduled basis;
- Communicate verbally and in writing any scheduled or unscheduled outages;
- Build new servers (physical & virtual) using standard OUC server build templates, as needed;
- Test and trouble-shoot servers, as needed;
- Ensure that all EMS and WPRO servers have the appropriate antivirus software and complex passwords for administrator access;
- Monitor server health (CPU, RAM, local disk space, etc.) proactively using Microsoft SCOM, or another appropriate software tool;
- Coordinate with project managers, as needed;
- Coordinate with IT server administrators on a regular basis.
- Plan the replacement of end-of-vendor-support and end-of-life server equipment;
- Update physical host server firmware, etc., as needed;
- Document changes to servers and the creation of new servers;
- Create EMS & WPRO server disaster recovery (DR) documentation (build from bare metal - with configurations) and update at least once a year;
- Provide weekly progress and issue reports to EMS, WPRO, and IT management; and
- Perform other tasks as needed.

Basic Qualifications:
- Minimum of 3 years work experience in - VmWare, Window Server Administration, LINUX Administration