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Electronic Technician III
Ref No.: 17-05043
Location: andover, Massachusetts
Start Date: 08/09/2017
 REQUIRED: POSITION TITLE: Electronic Technician 


Minimum 3 years as an Electronic Technician. 


Under general supervision, provides technical service for engineers in such areas as design, development, repair or testing by performing non-routine assignments. 


1. May assemble and/or test production prototypes, electronic, electro-mechanical or mechanical devices and/or software/firmware programs. 
2. Plans, constructs, assembles, and tests electronic, electro-mechanical, mechanical equipment, or software/firmware test panels and wiring setups. 
3. Conducts tests of experimental electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, mechanical equipment or software/firmware where major design and performance goals are specified, choosing components to meet these goals. 
4. Maintains and repairs electronic, electrical, mechanical or software/firmware testing equipment. 
5. Keeps notes and data on performance of components, equipment or software/firmware that is tested. Keeps records on changes and improvements in equipment. 
6. May make hardware design changes using surface mount rework soldering equipment. 
7. May initiate orders for purchase or fabrication of parts for study and prototype models. 
8. Analyzes or assists in analyzing test requirements and design or assists in designing, ordering and testing special fixtures or equipment necessary to meet test requirements. 
9. Designs, constructs, and tests electrical circuits, mechanical systems, and/or pneumatic and hydraulic circuits or systems and/or software/firmware systems for adherence to performance specifications of the test. 
10. Performs tests in compliance with specification and makes preliminary evaluations of results, cooperating with engineer or supervisor selected to conduct tests; analyzes results of tests; suggests changes in material or design necessary to improve performance of the equipment or software/firmware being tested. 
11. Collects, tabulates, and arranges test data for reports, making charts, diagrams, and other exhibits as necessary. Writes final reports as required. Must be proficient with Microsoft Office products. 
12. Performs repetitive tests and calibrations of first production run samples of manufactured equipment.
13. Maintains test equipment, making or arranging for calibration or repairs as needed per ISO 9001 requirements. 
14. Maintains work and testing/lab area in a clean and orderly condition per 5S + Safety procedures. 
15. May contribute to the solution of production problems including processing of engineering changes. 
16. May assist in troubleshooting an application in customer's facility. 


Equivalent to an Associate Degree or beyond in an appropriate Technology / Engineering curriculum