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Residential Support Staff-Brockton
Ref No.: 17-04943
Location: Brockton, Massachusetts
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Experience Level: 1 Years
Start Date: 07/24/2017
Growthways, Inc.
Residential Support Staff
Location: Brockton, MA
  • 3-month Contract-to-hire
  • $13 an hour MAXIMUM on the 3 month C2H but that goes up after 3 months and then you get benefits
  • Growthways is a non–profit organization providing education, training, advocacy & support to adults with intellectual disabilities and their families in the Greater Brockton Area.
  • Growthways, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality services where
individuals with intellectual disabilities are supported and empowered
to be valued, contributing members of their community.

  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Possess a valid driver's license, a clean driving record and one year driving experience in Massachusetts.
  • Have six months of paid or volunteer experience in this field or something similar
  • Full-time only, no exceptions.
  • MUST be CPR/First Aid certified with ACTIVE certification to be considered
  • MUST have Safety Care certification or previous training similar to this (NVMBA, CPI, etc).
  • MUST have 2 professional references- 1 previous manager/supervisor and 1 coworker
  • MUST be able to provide one company ON RESUME that can do verification of employment

  • Strives to implement the ideals and values of company's mission
  • Is able to work with special needs adults
  • Is flexible to the needs of the program
  • Ensures individuals are receiving the best services and supports possible
  • Has a resident or patient-centered focus
  • Is an active listener, is able to determine an individual's needs
  • Respects individual differences such as culture, language and religion of all co-workers and individuals they support
  • Maintains personal accountability
  • Is trustworthy and has good ethics
  • Is reliable and an effective team member
  • Shows good judgment and seeks advice when needed to clarify any questions that arise
  • Is able to evaluate a situation, make decisions and anticipates consequences
  • Displays initiative and willingness to learn
  • Day-to-day:
  • Participates in necessary written staff logs
  • Routines for residents may include drs appointments/outings/daily activities
  • MAY INCLUDE PCA work, depending on the day and resident you are working with
  • Helps with daily living activities for individuals (and this may vary)

Open Shifts:
  • Staff 1: Mon 3pm-11pm; Tues 3pm-11pm; Wed. 3pm-11pm; Fri 3pm-11pm; Sat 10am-6pm
  • Staff 2: Thurs 3pm-11pm; Fri 3pm-11pm; Sat 9am -9pm; Sun 9am-9pm

Interviewing Process:
  1. We do a preliminary phone interview(s) with this candidate... usually we keep this between 1 and 2 phone interview before we put together a submittal and before we are sure this candidate is a fit. They each may last up to 30 minutes.
  2. Submittal is reviewed and sent by manager internally to the client if they deem the candidate a fit.
  3. Client reviews submittal and gives Ascendes their availability to interview candidate.
  4. 1st on-site interview is setup between the candidate and the client. 1-hour long. This is usually a Q and A interview with staff.
  5. 2nd on-site interview for the client so that they can do the "meet and greet” at the house the candidate will be working at.
  6. If Growthways decides to move forward with the candidate, then we can do the VOE and reference checks they require immediately upon receiving an offer and start date for that candidate.


Required Documentation and Communication:
  • Complete documentation daily to include accurate and timely completion of Daily Progress Notes, Communication
Log Notes, medical, behavioral & I.S.P. data, documents progress on data sheets
  • Handles financial transactions and documents receipts for cash and debit transactions if travel with resident outside of institution
  • Staff report all incidents, policy violations and significant events to their supervisors and the administrator on Call in a timely manner
  • Reports critical information accurately, is timely in reporting concerns; i.e. safety issues, building or vehicle maintenance problems and policy violations
  • Works to build and maintain positive interactions with the families and friend of all individuals they support
  • Attends a monthly staff meeting and provides input at all staff meetings.

Clinical Skills / Medical Training and other Required Certifications:
  • Medication: All staff will possess or become Medication Certified in order to administer medication within the first six months of employment. (company offers)
  • Becomes trained in and implements Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Techniques to include universal supports for all
individuals and targeted or intensive behavior support plans that may be in place.
  • Implements all treatment plans as written.
  • Has good observation skills
  • Provides on-going and timely positive reinforcement to all individuals throughout the shift
  • Staff assists individuals in accessing routine or emergency medical treatment and ensures required documentation is
completed for the appointment, staff accurately report relevant information to medical providers.
  • Supervises all individuals during mealtimes and ensures dysphasia diets and physician ordered diets are followed
  • Staff attends required trainings and keeps required certifications current

Direct Care Skills:
  • Maintains a consistent daily routine, actively engages individuals in challenging activities throughout the day
  • Helps individuals perform household duties and meal preparation during shift and completes additional job
responsibilities as assigned by the Program Manager or his/her designee.
  • Provides effective instruction when teaching skills, assesses individual's mastery of skill being taught
  • Offers individuals choices throughout the day whenever possible
  • Makes sure that the home and program vehicle are clean, provides a safe environment, reports any maintenance or
safety issues in a timely manner
  • Assists individuals with hygiene such as bathing, oral hygiene, shaving, etc.
  • Helps individuals to accessing the community and participate in social events and recreational activities that they have chosen, emphasizing challenging, individualized, and integrated opportunities. Staff carries out the events planned on a weekly activity planner.
  • Assist individuals in accessing varied and preferred leisure activities, interests and hobbies on a regular basis
  • Actively promotes individuals to be capable, valued and accepted community members.
  • Has respectful, positive interactions with all individuals
  • Advocates for individuals and ensures the protection of their human rights
  • Assures individuals have access to privacy: I.e. knock on the door of the home and bedroom before entering.

  • Follows all Growthways Policies and Procedures.
  • Drives agency vehicle to provide transportation for all individuals as needed when hired full-time
  • Maintains a good attendance record, arrives to work on time, follows procedures for requesting time off
  • Assists as needed in making phone calls while on shift, for staffing coverage needs