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Direct Care Swansea JRI
Ref No.: 17-04800
Location: Swansea, Massachusetts
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Start Date: 06/13/2017
Meadowridge Academy- JRI- Swansea, MA
Contact: Mike Bouy, CC Meredith
Position Title: Residential Counselors/Direct Care Support Specialists
Give them the details by phone and then ask questions in an interview-like style.
About facility:
Glance of facility
Focus: We utilize innovative sensory regulation techniques, animal assisted therapy, vocational training and expressive arts to meet each student's individual needs while providing endless opportunities for exploration, growth and independence.
Age: 12-22
Gender: male, female, transgender, non-conforming
Capacity: 36 students/residents
Employees: over 100
  • Day shifts: 3:1 adults to kids
  • 6:1 adults to kids
Animal farms on-site as well as farming plot and greenhouses.
  • $14 to start
  • $14.50 with an associates
  • $15 with bachelor's degree
Shifts Open:
  • Male/Female needed for either position
  • Full-time or 40-hour work week, 1st and 2nd shift positions available
  • One person needed for 1st shift is from 730am-3pm;  one person needed 2nd shift is from 3pm-11pm. 
  • Overtime available if ask about it.

Job Description:
[Looking for day and night Residential Counselors/Direct Care Support Specialists to effectively support the development and growth of trauma-impacted youth through engagement of safe, thoughtful, and creative identity and regulation-building activities. Residential staff members work as part of an integrated team providing cutting edge treatment for students experiencing significant emotional challenges. Our Residential Interventionists are passionate about learning effective skills for helping trauma-impacted youth, display creative engagement tactics, and provide felt safety through healthy, therapeutic, trauma-informed interventions. Our Interventionists take pride in their ability to maintain the consistent, structured routines of the school while also providing safety and regulation through 24-hour supervised and direct care.]
  • Experience working with adolescents and/or a degree in social work, psychology or a related field preferred.
  • Qualified candidates must have a valid driver's license and clean driving record.
  • Must be flexible, adaptive, innovative, and able to work well with others within a team approach.
  • Flexible schedule if preferred.
  • Leadership skills, engaging, team player, resilience, active, good communicator.
Call initial phone conversation a "phone interview” so candidates don't get confused.
Tell them list of q's that follow is because we try to assure that this is a fit before we waste their time.