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AngularJS Developer
Ref No.: 18-00464
Location: NYC, New York
Start Date: 04/06/2018
 We have EXCLUSIVE 60 ( 30 ReactJS , 20 Angular and 10 Node) positions. PLEASE send Visa Copy, Photo ID and LinkedID we will schedule interview TOMORROW. 
Below are my URGENT positions requiring experience in React; most of these positions are 100% exclusive to our firm only therefore, I can immediately schedule your interview within 2 or 3 working days and get you the offer within 1 to 2 weeks MAX as I can consider you for multiple positions at once.
If your only looking to stay in NYC, I have React roles with Client, Banking, MSG and Dow Jones however just in case you were ok with other locations, I have listed most of my other fast moving roles as well.
If your still available, please email me your contact details along with your availability to speak. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
What I can assure you is that if your technically strong in JavaScript, ES6 and React, I can 1000% get you an offer within 1 to 2 weeks as we specialize and work only in Front-End, UI and Full-Stack web technologies hence, the multiple positions and immediate interviews.  Thank you for your time and patience. 
React Positions:
1 Client ReactJS Developer NYC ReactJS, Redux, ES6. Javascript, Webpack 4
2 Dow Jones Sr. UI Engineer NYC Javascript, ES6, ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS (PLUS), Java (PLUS) 10
3 Banking React Architect Weehawken, NJ Javascript, ES6, ReactJS, Redux, Reactive, React-native, UI Lead/Architect exp, in-person interview 10
4 MSG ReactJS Developer Florham Park, NJ Javascript, ES6, ReactJS, Redux, in-person interview 2
6 T-Rowe Price Sr. UI Developer Bethesda, MD Javascript, ReactJS, Redux, ES6, Flux, Webpack, in-person interview 2
7 Walmart Sr. React Developer Sunnyvale, CA Javacript, ES6, React, Redux, Fluxx, webpack 1
8 BCG Sr. React Engineer Los Angales, CA Javascript, ES6, ReactJS, Redux, React-native (plus), in-person interview 20
9 Wells Fargo ReactJS Developer SFO, CA Javascript, ES6, ReactJS, Redux, Webpack 10


Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS 
1 Client Group Angular 2/4 Developer NYC Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS  4
2 Comcast Sr. Angular Developer NYC Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS  5
3 Fidelity Angular 5 Developer NYC Javascript Angular 5 , HTML, CSS  5
4 BBB Angular  Developer Union, NJ Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS  2
6 TDA Sr. UI Angular Developer Bethesda, MD Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS   2
7 Walmart Sr. Angular  Developer Sunnyvale, CA 1  
8 Client Sr. Angular Engineer SFO, CA Javascript Angular 2/4 , HTML, CSS  5
9 Apple Angular  Developer SFO, CA 4