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SW Developer - Philadelphia, PA
Ref No.: 18-00006
Location: philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 01/02/2018
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Location - Philadelphia, PA
Rate - $55/ hr

- Job description:
o The successful candidate will be responsible for working with the product owner and the Manufacturing Engineering team to implement the Warehouse XRE per the requirements as specified, conduct unit and final testing and coordinating the release process for each sprint. The Warehouse XRE is a cloud based system that provides basic services to X1 video set tops in a distributed collection of hub warehouses. It also conducts remote tests and is responsible for collecting and transmitting test result data to other systems.
- 3-5 years of application development experience
- Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
- Strong Java development experience including
o multithreaded client/server programming using sockets
o graphical development and event handling using AWT, Swing, or SWT
o developing and debugging in an IDE such as Eclipse or Intellij IDEA
o configuring, building, and deploying Java applications using Maven
o application of object oriented design and design patterns
- Excellent communication skills
- Strong Linux skills including
o comfort in developing and debugging in a linux environment
o familiarity with Linux shell commands
o experience with ssh and working in remote environments
- Knowledge and experience with Javascript