Previous Job
UI Developer
Ref No.: 17-00246
Location: San Jose, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 05/02/2017

Qualified candidates MUST be experienced with and technically sound in the following areas:
• JavaScript - and the languages that go along with it
• Enterprise Environment Experience
• Mobile a plus - not a must
• Experienced within a framework such as backbone, angular etc as that is the environment and key to being a solid contributor.
• 5 years Front end experience
• Full Stack experience - builds, JavaScript, html, css etc.
• Backbone and Marionette - shows a level of expertise
• Small team with many responsibilities (someone that has worked in a group of 3-15 and their sole responsibility was to develop web projects and dev for the web)
• More longevity on resume (2+ years in one place if possible)
The qualified candidate should have developed some projects in multiple languages for a production environment, and must be able to make a decision which technologies to use for a specific problem and must be able to explain their choice.
Prior experience with eCommerce/retail is a requirement of this position.

Additional Requirements
• Flexible and adaptable to feedback and constructive criticism
• Team Player with a well rounded and professional attitude
• Great communication and collaboration skills
• Likes to share ideas, passion, fast paced, someone who "cares " to fix something that is broken
• Mobile site which is served for Android & IOS
• Heavy JavaScript, backbone or AngularJS, and marionette
• Enough experience of being able to work on a large e-commerce website
• At least 2 years E-Commerce experience
• SPA – Single Page Application, with JavaScript OR AngularJS
• WebAPIS very much data driven