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Developer - Web/UI
Ref No.: 18-06761
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
***This is a possible contract to hire and will require candidates that are able to convert to FTE***

This position is on the Vendor Technology Team who are responsible for all 3rd party Technologies enterprises wide along with all integration of these technologies. The Ideal candidate will be a JavaScript Developer or Web Developer that has built there own JavaScript Libraries or worked on open source JavaScript Libraries.

Position Summary:
This position will is responsible for leading the strategy and development activities around vendor-provided systems and services into Client websites and digital properties that performs a variety of functions, including data collection, ad targeting, chat, surveys, and other third party systems and tools.

The ideal candidate will have a mix of excellent interpersonal communication and strong front-end web development. Strong business acumen (business analysis, requirements gathering, and documentation experience) and recent, hands on web development experience utilizing client-side technology and programming languages (JavaScript (not only jQuery), HTML, and CSS) are important. Equally important is experience working and negotiating with external vendors and business partners to understand vendor systems and services and taking initiative in making good decisions based on strategy, standards, and established best practices. The ideal candidate will also have familiarity with working side-by-side with software development teams executing in an agile framework. A thorough understanding the software development lifecycle, QA testing, and agile methodologies are key.

Day to day duties include:
Technical Analysis & Requirements Definition: Working independently and directing discussions with external partners to define implementation requirements for third party tools and systems. This involves analyzing proposed requirements, understanding business needs, and defining a technical solution that provides required capabilities. Candidate must be able to coach and direct implementation staff in how to explain somewhat complex and abstract technical ideas to non-technical audiences while deriving the requirements.

Software Development: Write standards-compliant JavaScript libraries and/or modify existing codebases to consume vendor-provided services and tools. Provide guidance and subject matter expertise on a variety of implementation topics, backstopping implementation staff as they work through assigned projects and features. Support software development teams in the implementation of third party systems & tools, which includes troubleshooting JavaScript and external library issues. The candidate should bring a strong understanding of how software development teams operate in the different development environments, including code promotion and migration processes. It’s also important to have relevant experience writing software that manages how data is passed from the browser to external systems, especially RESTful APIs.

QA Testing: Test third party software implementations (analytics tagging, library changes, web page element interactions, etc.) to ensure the functionality is working correctly. Supply expertise to development teams for defect resolution prior to and after production release.

Additional duties include:
• Work with portfolio management and senior leadership to intake work around new and existing third party systems and tools
• Define and lead strategic implementation designs for new systems and tools
• Oversee research into support requests from vendors, business partners, or technical teams that may be related to data collection, JavaScript libraries, or other third party/vendor issues
• Manage and support codebases for releases and other development activities

Required Skills:
Technical Skills:

• The ability to write clean, concise JavaScript (read, write, debug from scratch - not only jQuery or other wrapper/framework library) including client/server functionality (AJAX/JSON). Note: This is not a full time coding position, but you will regularly write debug JavaScript and other browser interactions.
• Strong understanding of Internet architecture (HTTP, Cookies, Browser Interaction, Document Object Model Interaction)
• Extensive experience in writing standards compliant HTML/CSS (read, write, debug).
• Ability to design, execute, and automate test plans

Important to Have Skills:
• Experience with implementing tag management systems
• Knowledge/understanding of content management systems
• Microsoft Office, with above-average Excel skills
• Writing and documentation skills
• Experience leading teams operating with agile development methodologies
• Exposure to web analytics & reporting (Google Analytics, Adobe, Coremetrics/IBM Digital Analytics)
• JavaScript Libraries (Angular, Node.JS and etc)
• Understanding of reporting tools
• Familiarity with vendor-provided services and tools that are integrated into websites
• Basic familiarity with relational databases and SQL querying

Required Behavioral Skill Set:
• To be successful, the candidate should demonstrate the following characteristics:
• Excellent Time Management / Multi-tasking Skills – must be able maintain a full load of projects, troubleshooting, and support tasks while ensuring delivery consistently within project timeline constraints.
• Self-Directed – expected to research the work that needs to be done, prioritize daily work and meet deadlines without regular oversight. Driven to constantly learn and take the first attempt at solving an issue before turning to others for help (where feasible).
• Adaptability/Flexibility – can adapt to frequent schedule changes, project scope and timetable changes and changes in overall direction in a complex operational environment.
• Relationship Builder – a strong ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships with both business and technical partners and understand that fostering those relationships are the key to the team’s success.
• Internally Motivated – have an “I can do that!” attitude in wide-variety of tasks, both interesting and mundane. This means that the source of motivation is not always a specific task, but a focus on delivering as part of a larger team or effort.
• Enthusiasm/Passion – candidate is enthusiastic about, and has a passion for, the Internet and is able to articulate the importance of what they do to others.
• Communication Skills – Be able to explain a concept to a non-technical business partner and take that same concept and explain it in technical terms to a software developer

Desired Skills
Added Bonus Skills:

• Technical training
• Web usability
• Basic network architecture (TCP/IP, Firewalls)
• Server-side programming experience (PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, .NET, Java/J2EE)
• Enterprise server environments and architecture (distributed data centers, load balancers, etc.)
• Familiarity with big data environments and concepts

Qualification Rating:
Must Have
Application Development