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Specialist Junior High
Ref No.: 18-01238
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Start Date: 10/22/2018
Agency: New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)
Is this a Project or Program specific request (e.g., Connections, SFS)?
If yes, please list the Project or Program Name:
SESIS/ SESIS Project Coordinator
Please provide a short description of the project:
Project Coordinator role with an emphasis on office management.  This role will support a fast paced environment for the SESIS Business Team.  The project coordinator will be responsible for multiple tasks including setting up of meetings, organizing calendars, communicating with vendor/facilities, procurement activities, equipment accountability, and communicating with senior stakeholders to ensure the infrastructure for the SESIS team is functioning efficiently.

Please provide a full listing of the day to day tasks to be performed by the Consultant (be descriptive and specific):
Support the administrative requirements of the program including meetings, calendars etc.
Support the recruitment, selection, and on boarding of new team members
Inventory supplies and order them on a timely basis; Identify gaps in infrastructure and raise issues/risks on a timely basis.
Coordinate & Manage the inputs (documentation preparation and distribution) for key meetings, as required. 
Assist in planning of current future infrastructure needs for the project.
Keeps all the infrastructure documentation including seating charts, staffing plan and supplies inventory, updated.
Manage action item in coordination with the DOE facilities manager in event of staff re-location or new staff on-boarding. 
Act as the liaison to the on-site vendor's support staff. 
Provide operational support to key functional areas as needed
Be the key point person to organize and electronically file key project documentation (SESIS uses an electronic document management tool) 
Understand the key components of the project plan and execute on coordinating the documentation, issues and requirements on an as-needed basis.
Track progress of overall project plan, identify risks to implementation throughout the project, and work proactively to surface and resolve those risks, on an as-needed basis.
Manage project budget and project administration
Execute tasks on an as-needed basis.
Work with project management staff members to raise and resolve issues, set project deadlines, and mitigate project risks.
Successfully engage in multiple initiatives simultaneously.
Serve as a liaison between business units, technology teams and support teams.
Which Service Group is required?
What is the number of staff being requested?
(maximum of 5)
Which Job Title Category is required?
Which Skill Level is required?
Which Skill Demand is required?
How many Candidate Response Forms are being requested per Contractor per position?     (1 or 2)
When is the Target Start Date?
(30 Business Days minimum from date of request)
How long is the engagement? (in months)
24 months
When is the estimated completion date?
Is this a Full or Part-Time Position (Full time is considered 40 Hours Per Week)?
Part Time
If  Part-Time, enter approximate number of hours per week:
35 hrs per week
What are the daily work hours? (note if negotiable or list preferred start and end time):
9:00am – 5:00pm, one unpaid lunch hour
Where is the Home Base Region?
Region 3 
Where is the work office located?  Enter Building Name (if known) Full Street Address, City, and ZIP
335 Adams Street, 28th Fl,  Brooklyn NY 11201
What type of software is typically used by the Agency?  (e.g., Agency is an "IBM shop.”)
Agency is a predominantly a Microsoft shop
What type of hardware is typically used by the Agency? (e.g., Agency is a "Client shop.”)
Position Mandatory Qualifications
- Experience in the usage and support of a collection of development platforms, technical architectures, or business applications and products that run on those platforms, beyond that of a Programmer - The Authorized User may seek Specialists in the following areas (list is not exhaustive): • Backup and Recovery • Security
Junior  (12-36 Months )
 Requested Qualifications

12 + Months Demonstrated experience in supporting a large and complex project; handle multiple tasks concurrently.
12 + Months experience with MS Office (particularly outlook, word, excel).
12+ Months Experience with oral and written communication, creating collaborative personal relationships, working with diverse groups, and driving agreement among differing opinions.
12 + experience working with stakeholders to define and develop business processes and procedures and system requirements.
12 + Months experience with meeting planning, facilitation, and presenting.
12 + Months Experience managing multiple concurrent Vendors and contracts.
12 + Months Experience with document management. 
12 + Months experience with software development lifecycle (SDLC) to include various technologies.
12 + Months experience with working outside the boundaries of the job description, to contribute to the team.
A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college, including or supplemented by 24 semester credits in computer science or a related computer field
Additional Information Requests:
Are there additional security requirements for the Authorized User?
Fingerprinting for selected consultant, see link:
Will additional training possibly be required during the Engagement?
If Yes, provide description of anticipated training.
What type, or manner, of Knowledge Transfer is requested during the engagement?
"The expert would share with DOE employees the knowledge of running and optimizing the environment. That way DOE builds capacity to operate the infrastructure within its own workforce.”
Is travel anticipated during the Engagement?
If Yes, please list anticipated frequency and locations for travel: