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Specialist Expert High
Ref No.: 18-00811
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Start Date: 07/23/2018
Agency: New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)
 Is this a Project or Program specific request (e.g., Connections, SFS)?
If yes, please list the Project or Program Name:
Classroom Connectivity
Please provide a short description of the project:
New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) continues to invest in 21st century teaching tools for online and technology intensive curriculums.  Increased broadband and wireless technology solutions will better support robust digital teaching content, online teaching resources and online testing.  Since 1998, the NYCDOE has formally supported City schools with centrally administered projects to enhance and expand Internet access.  The need for reliable network connection requires continual investment in next generation education technology platforms and is the focus of enhancing school technology infrastructure.
The goal of the Classroom Connectivity 2018 project is to upgrade antiquated technology infrastructure so it minimally delivers 100Mbps per 1,000 students in all 1,318 school buildings. The Classroom Connectivity project will accomplish this in a phased approach. This Capital request will fund the technology refresh investment for the first group of 59 school buildings.  This refresh includes a full replacement of all core and peripheral network equipment, along with the Wireless Access Infrastructure.  The Wireless Access Infrastructure work will include Wireless Access Management equipment.
Please provide a full listing of the day to day tasks to be performed by the Consultant (be descriptive and specific):
The Server QA Deployment Engineer position will work on the Classroom Connect refresh upgrade project which will consist of refreshing essential servers to 1300+ NYC school buildings. Candidate will also:
Provide support for the Classroom Connectivity Project of school server integration including but not limited to delivery, installation, and break/fix activities. Candidate may have to travel to schools.
Configure physical (Windows 2012 R2 Core) and virtual servers (3 Windows VMs and 2 Linux VMs), Remote Access cards, Active Directory, DNS Services, LAN and network services.
Troubleshoot and provide support for hardware and software problems during the server integration including, but not limited to, DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, SNMP, TCP/IP, and WINS.
Create and update documentation of all work effort to support server integration for sites, including design documents and process diagrams
Perform testing on Servers.
Interact with DOE end-users and vendors to resolve logistic and hardware issues with equipment.
Script/automate tasks to improve provisioning and troubleshooting
Which Service Group is required?
What is the number of staff being requested?
(maximum of 5)
Which Job Title Category is required?
Which Skill Level is required?
Which Skill Demand is required?
How many Candidate Response Forms are being requested per Contractor per position?     (1 or 2)
When is the Target Start Date?
(30 Business Days minimum from date of request)
How long is the engagement? (in months)
24 months
When is the estimated completion date?
Is this a Full or Part-Time Position (Full time is considered 40 Hours Per Week)?
Part Time
If  Part-Time, enter approximate number of hours per week:
35 hrs. per week
What are the daily work hours? (note if negotiable or list preferred start and end time):
9:00am – 5:00pm, one unpaid lunch hour
Where is the Home Base Region?
Region 3 
Where is the work office located?  Enter Building Name (if known) Full Street Address, City, and ZIP
2 Metro Tech Center,  Brooklyn,  NY 11201
What type of software is typically used by the Agency?  (e.g., Agency is an "IBM shop.”)
Agency is a predominantly a Microsoft shop
What type of hardware is typically used by the Agency? (e.g., Agency is a "Client shop.”)
Agency is a Microsoft shop
Position Mandatory Qualifications
-Experience in the usage and support of a collection of development platforms, technical architectures, or business applications and products that run on those platforms, beyond that of a Programmer
- The Authorized User may seek Specialists in the following areas (list is not exhaustive):
• Backup and Recovery
• Security
Expert (84+ Months)
Candidate is able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field
Requested Qualifications
84+ months of experience supporting server upgrades (Windows Server Operating System and hardware) that include installation, configuration and troubleshooting or provisioning configuration and troubleshooting Virtual Machine technologies
36+ months of experience in Red Hat Linux configuration, installation, troubleshooting, integration, performance monitoring, and perform maintenance
36+ months of experience with Level I, II, and III Server Hardware troubleshooting
36+ months of experience with Level I, II, and III network support with LAN trouble shooting
84+ months of experience with TCP/IP server/client communication, DHCP, DNS, WINS
36+ months of experience utilizing system management software tools to monitor, manage and report system performance, availability and use and to coordinate computer network access and use
Microsoft Certified System Engineer Certification
Bachelor's Degree in computer science/ telecommunications from an accredited college
In-Person Interview Only
Additional Information Requests:
Are there additional security requirements for the Authorized User?
Fingerprinting for selected consultant, see link:
Will additional training possibly be required during the Engagement?
If Yes, provide description of anticipated training.
What type, or manner, of Knowledge Transfer is requested during the engagement?
Consultant is required to keep a log of work/projects performed as well as update management during meetings or by other communications such as emails or verbal conversations. Any and all files or work which is the consultant's responsibility can only be kept and saved in DOE network unless written permission from the DOE manager is provided to do otherwise. All DOE property including digital and other are expected to be relinquished and returned to DOE at the end of the engagement.
Is travel anticipated during the Engagement?
If Yes, please list anticipated frequency and locations for travel:
Consultants will be required to travel to various NYC schools as needed, usually once or twice a month.