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Specialist Mid-Level Normal
Ref No.: 18-00588
Location: Albany, New York
Start Date: 05/29/2018
Agency: NYS Division of State Police

Is this a Project or Program specific request (e.g., Connections, SFS)? No
If yes, please list the Project or Program Name: N/A

Please provide a short description of the project: This is a hands–on technical assignment working at the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center Biological Sciences Laboratory. Responsibilities include support for desktop and peripheral hardware, Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) and biological science laboratory specific software, and network connectivity.
The individual selected for this position will carry out all IT support efforts directed by the designated Information Technology Service personnel assigned to the New York State Police. The position will fill staff augmentation role within the Laboratory System at the Forensic Investigation Center Biological Sciences Laboratory. The candidate will provide service under all of the laboratory's policies, guidelines and operations.

Please provide a full listing of the day to day tasks to be performed by the Consultant (be descriptive and specific): Day to day tasks and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Assess, diagnose and resolve a wide variety of computer issues both hardware and software related.
2. Perform hardware repairs on PCs and laptops when necessary, replace parts as needed.
3. Work directly with ITS staff to develop, test and apply configurations to the DNA laboratory information management system (DLIMs) following all standards, guidelines and current processes.
4. Review and determine solutions to staff software needs and problems.
5. Assist users with backing up data and the migration to new hardware.
6. Maintain accurate hardware asset information.
7. Provide end user training in general computer use and specific software platforms.
8. Research new technologies.
9. Conduct end user needs assessments for new technology.
Support printers, multifunction devices, and various other peripherals.

Which Service Group is required?
What is the number of staff being requested?
(maximum of 5) 1
Which Job Title Category is required?
Which Skill Level is required?
Which Skill Demand is required?
How many Candidate Response Forms are being requested per Contractor per position? (1 or 2) 1
When is the Target Start Date?
(30 Business Days minimum from date of request) 7/1/2018
How long is the engagement? (in months) 24 Months
When is the estimated completion date? 6/30/2020
Is this a Full or Part-Time Position (Full time is considered 40 Hours Per Week)? Full time
If Part-Time, enter approximate number of hours per week: N/A
What are the daily work hours? (note if negotiable or list preferred start and end time): 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Where is the Home Base Region?
1 Albany Area
Where is the work office located? Enter Building Name (if known) Full Street Address, City, and ZIP NYS Police Forensic Investigation Center
1220 Washington Ave. Building 30
Albany, NY 12226
What type of software is typically used by the Agency? (e.g., Agency is an "IBM shop.”) Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Groupwise, Citrix, Laboratory Information Management (LIMS), GeneMapperID, TrueAllele, OpenLAB
What type of hardware is typically used by the Agency? (e.g., Agency is a "Client shop.”) Workstations: Client, DELL, MAC
Instrumentation: Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers, Real-Time PCR Systems, Perkin Elmer Multiprobe Robots
Peripherals: Zebra Barcode Label Printers, Symbol/Client Barcode Scanners, Canon and Lexmark Multifunction Devices

Position Mandatory Qualifications
Experience in the usage and support of a collection of development platforms, technical architectures, or business applications and products that run on those platforms, beyond that of a Programmer
- The Authorized User may seek Specialists in the following areas (list is not exhaustive):
- Backup and Recovery
- Security
Mid Level 36 - 60 Months
Candidate is able to work without assistance

Requested Qualifications
48 Months of experience troubleshooting and supporting Microsoft Windows XP and higher operating systems.
48 Months of experience working with and supporting Microsoft Office Suite 2007 and higher.
36 months experience writing scripts and modifying existing programs to add or fix functionality.
48 months experience supporting and repairing printers and multifunction devices.
48 months experience creating or updating system support and end user documentation.
48 months of experience troubleshooting and supporting Citrix, VPN and wireless networking.
24 months experience working in a criminal justice secured environment with access to highly sensitive data
48 months experience working in and supporting a mid to high level enterprise environment.
36 months experience in creating and modifying Access databases

Additional Information Requests:
Are there additional security requirements for the Authorized User? Candidate must pass NY State Public Safety Cluster background investigation and fingerprint check, and also additional NY State Police background investigation, drug screen and polygraph examination prior to starting.
Will additional training possibly be required during the Engagement? No
If Yes, provide description of anticipated training. No
What type, or manner, of Knowledge Transfer is requested during the engagement? Both verbal and written knowledge transfer are required on an ongoing basis.
Is travel anticipated during the Engagement? No