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Technical Architect Expert High
Ref No.: 18-00040
Location: Troy, New York
Start Date: 01/26/2018
NYS Office of the Attorney General

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The New York State Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has embarked on a large scale modernization and optimization of the agency's matter management systems in order to deliver state of the art legal services across its divisions: Solicitor General, State Counsel, Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Social Justice, Regional Offices, and Investigations.  The OAG has invested significant time and resources in this modernization effort and anticipates the benefits in workflow automation, data collection, and reporting efficiency that will accrue with this effort.  The implementation of the NYMatters case management system is currently in process and is planned to roll out in the Feb 2018. NYMatters project scope was expanded to include the full phased implementation at the initial roll-out from a distinct multi-phased approach.  Effort has been made to identify those requirements and meet the functionality of the current system SilverCase with the planned system, NYMatters to meet this expanded scope. 
Please provide a full listing of the day to day tasks to be performed by the Consultant (be descriptive and specific):
Refining the architecture for NYMatters to accommodate needs for future waves including implementation of workflows using Oracle Business process management, user registration including authentication and optical character recognition.
Expert guidance to OAG IT staff on installation, integration and configuration and best practices on additional software modules that will be needed in future phases including OCR (optical character recognition), BPM (Business process management), OPA (Oracle Policy Automation), OIAM (Oracle identity and access management)
Provide review and certification on current environments to ensure they meet security and performance standards.
Provide review and certification on current environments to ensure they are horizontally scalable and expandable for future needs.
Siebel Application Performance and security reviews
Integration of Siebel with OBIEE(Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) and/or BIP (BI Publisher) for reporting needs.
Designing and developing NYMatters and Siebel Architecture to meet OAG specific security requirements.
Develop and implement migration and change management  principles and guidelines to multiple environments
Perform Code Reviews, security reviews, and best practices.
Train and document customizations and configurations to enable OAG IT staff to maintain NYMatters long term.
Which Service Group is required?
Service Group 1. Standard Titles
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(maximum of 5)
Which Job Title Category is required?
Technical Architect
Which Skill Level is required?
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February 22, 2018
How long is the engagement? (in months)
24 months
When is the estimated completion date?
February 21, 2020
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Full Time
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8:30 – 5:00
Where is the Home Base Region?
Region 1
Where is the work office located?  Enter Building Name (if known) Full Street Address, City, and ZIP
200 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180
What type of software is typically used by the Agency?  (e.g., Agency is an "IBM shop.”)
Oracle, Microsoft, Siebel, Web Center Portal, Web Center Content.
What type of hardware is typically used by the Agency? (e.g., Agency is a "Client shop.”)
Position Mandatory Qualifications
Technical Architect:
-Technical expert centered around a technology, technologies or a portfolio of applications
- Designing and implementing Information Technology solutions
Expert (84+Months) - Candidate is able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field
Requested Qualifications 
84 months experience working as a Siebel Technical Architect.
60 months experience working designing Siebel configuration, implementation and support directly working with Siebel Engineering and Expert services
12 months experience developing with Siebel 15 or higher
12 months experience working with migrating between environments using ADM (Application Deployment Manager) and Business simulator
12 months experience integrating BIP (BI Publisher) and Siebel
12 months year experience administering and managing Siebel at the web and application server level.
Siebel Certification
12 months experience with configuration management and change management of a Siebel environment.
12 months of experience with Open UI
36 months experience with Siebel EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and EIM (Enterprise Integration Manager)
Additional Information Requests:
Are there additional security requirements for the Authorized User?
Signed Confidentiality Agreement
Proof of Completed Background within the past six (6) months.
Will additional training possibly be required during the Engagement?
If Yes, provide description of anticipated training.
OAG mandatory training:
EEO and Sexual Harassment Prevention
Workplace Violence Prevention
What type, or manner, of Knowledge Transfer is requested during the engagement?
Knowledge Transfer to OAG-IT staff is required
Is travel anticipated during the Engagement?
If Yes, please list anticipated frequency and locations for travel:
Once every 3 months or as needed to NYC