Ref No.: 20-04605
Category: Travel Nursing and Allied
Location: Salisbury, Maryland
Job Summary:

The Registered Nurse is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating a plan of patient care utilizing ANA Standards
and the Nursing Process. Acts as a patient advocate. Provides support, information and direct care. Utilizes equipment and
technology skillfully and is technically competent in nursing procedures. Educates patients and families on significant self-care

Job Requirements:
Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Ability to read and communicate in the English language.

Mental Demands:

Demonstrates organizational ability by using time and equipment effectively.
Works under pressure of time and accuracy, often in stressful situations.
Works with patients and families in crisis situations and emotional/mental alterations.
Demonstrates skill and accuracy in written and oral communications.
Frequently works with grieved, despondent, angry and mentally disturbed patients.
Takes necessary immediate action when handling personnel problems.
Responsibility for Assets:

Works with numerous expensive and complex instruments that may include IV controllers, hypothermia units, vacuum
regulators, computers, portable and bedside cardiac/pressure monitors and other specialized equipment. Has thorough
understanding of proper working order of equipment and reports maintenance needs promptly. Is conscious of and participates
in cost containment efforts.

Contact with Others:

Communicates in a courteous, accurate, and timely manner with: patient, family, significant others, physicians, visitors and
other health care team members.
Keeps private life and personal biases that may have negative impact on unit function separate from work issues.
Additional Information

Special procedures or other duties they need to do.
ED is set up with 4 main areas: 1) Cardiac Trauma/Respiratory – 9 beds, with ratios of 3:1. 2) Intermediate – 12 beds (of
which 5 are private rooms), with ratios of 4:1. 3) Exam Area – 8 beds. 4) First Care – 10 beds. Plus a 4 bay triage area.
Each traveler must have Cardiac Trauma experience. Each supplemental employee will be expected to work in all areas
except triage (unless they have done it, and can help out from time to time).

Type of equipment.
ER uses a color-coded electronic board (Mccesson product) to track admits/status/discharges/etc. Computerized charting
throughout the entire hospital (Horizon – HEC). Accudose room for medication management. Candidates MUST have
experience with some form of EMR system.

Additional skills and abilities.
Need to be able to handle a busy environment, especially during peak season. See an average of 170 to 200 patients a day.
Bulk of volume occurs between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am with Monday being the busiest day of the week. During the summer
months (peak season), the volume increases to 220 to 250 patients a day.

Licensure and Certification requirements.
Active MD or Compact State License in good standing. TNCC, NIHSS, PALS and ACLS Certification.

Any call or special schedule needs.
Each supplemental employee will be expected to work in all 4 areas except triage (unless they have done it, and can help
out from time to time). Shifts vary based on needs, core shifts are: 7a–7p, 9a-9p (when First Care opens), 11a-11p, 3p-3p,
and 7p-7a where the bulk of the patient flow is.