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Registered Nurse/Correctional
Ref No.: 20-04495
Category: Travel Nursing and Allied
Location: Lansing, New York
Job description: Provide nursing interventions and medication administration consistent with the nursing process and compliant with regulatory standards.The medical clinic operates a lot like a school and the nurse would perform duties much like those in a school setting, as well as medication administration Other duties include, maintain inventory standards for medicines, controlled drugs and narcotics. Review the overall health condition of youth by preparing and continually reviewing and evaluating plans of nursing intervention to ensure that such interventions are consistent with specific and comprehensive treatment plans. Participate in staff training, prepare clinical and administrative reports, maintain infection control standards, and function as a member of a treatment team. Additional duties will be discussed in detail during the interview. Qualifications: Licensed and currently registered to practice nursing in New York State, AND one year of post -RN licensure clinical nursing experience. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday. Hours: 6AM to 2PM. Pass Days: Sunday and Monday. with a possibility of Wednesday through Saturday 6AM to 4PM. Pass days: Sunday and Monday Tuesday . *Resumes are required with all bids. Bids will be disqualified if resume for candidate is not included, and/or they do not meet the above required specifications. *Best Value Justification: availability, work history, price